[Unboxing] – Sheet Mask Squad May Box

Sheet Mask Subscription Review – First Impression

As my regular readers know by now I’m a real sheet mask addict.
At least once a day, and sometimes twice if I’m up early, I’ll relax with a mask on my face.
I love the variety and customisability of sheetmasks, letting me choose what particular problem I want to target that day.

So when Sheet Mask Squad got in contact with me asking if I would like to review their May box, there was only one way to answer!

First a bit about Sheet Mask Squad. They’re a new company in the UK made up of four friends. All originally from London, now half have gone international, to Japan, HK and Taiwan. They started up the company because they wanted to share their love of sheet masks, something I wholeheartedly agree with!

The Box
£24.99 Monthly Plan, £69.99 Quarterly (£23.33 a box)
Ships Worldwide
Cut Off Date 18th For That Month
Purchase Here: Sheet Mask Squad (10% off with my link)


My Box arrived to me in a box! I know that sounds obvious but other subscription services ship them in padded envelopes or even organza bags inside boxes. I like that this is a flat box as it will fit through most people’s letterboxes! No more trips to the post office. It also came with an adorable cat sticker and some free samples, which I love.
Sadly for me it didn’t come with a list of contents, but on Instagram Sheet Mask Squad informed people this was a mistake, and you can access them online! Sheet Mask Squad May Contents Here. They also helpfully included buy links in their online contents, so even those who didn’t purchase the box could buy the individual masks.

The May box is still available for purchase, but if you subscribe you’ll be receiving the June box.

Now onto the all important masks! There were ten in my box, and I’m just going to say that these included some higher end brands I never expected to see in a UK box. So I was very excited.

This was sent to me by Sheet Mask Squad for review, and contains affiliate links (which give the reader a 10% discount).
The thoughts are honest and my own as per usual.

13313943_10208543299512716_1691068737_o 13340575_10208543298632694_2054103959_o

Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Mask – Fruits and Tomato
Sheet Mask Squad – £6.50
Glow Recipe – $9

I’m going to have to admit that I squealed when I opened up the box and found the Whamisa mask. I’ve been dying to try this hydrogel ever since almost all my favourite bloggers raved about it. This is a fermented hydrogel facial mask, with 95%  organic ingredients! This particular version contains Tomato, Apply, Liquorice and Banana (the first I’ve tried with banana in), which are great for brightening the complexion. This is the first mask I had to try when I opened the box, and took the rest of the photos with it on! It’s got a herb scent which quickly fades once on, and the fit is one of the closest to a second skin that I’ve tried! It’s also very cooling when on my face, I’d recommend it for a hot day for a quick cool down. I wish I’d saved this for a special occasion as my skin felt softer and looked brighter after wearing. This wasn’t dripping in as much essence as I’d usually like, so I’m going to try some of their other varieties first before repurchasing, as I like my masks dripping.

This is one of the more expensive masks I’ve ever tried. But it was worth it. I’m definitely repurchasing, but this time going to exercise some more restraint and save for a special occasion!


Acwell – Honey Wrinkle Mask
Sheet Mask Squad – £3.50 (Not in Store)
MemeBox – $2 

Now this is a brand I hadn’t heard of before. Research online revealed that they’re part of BNH Cosmetics who are utilising Korean oriental herbs, i.e. Hanbang, for their skincare products in Acwell. All good news to me! This mask contains royal jelly and honey, as you’d expect from the name. It also doesn’t contain any parabens, sulphates or talc!


Blithe – Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Abalone
Sheet Mask Squad – £4
Korea Depart – $3

Here’s another mask from another higher end brand! Blithe is still relatively unknown I feel in the international community, but they have some great unusual ingredients in their products. This is a sheetmask I’ve tried before and liked. The mask itself was very thin, and had a good fit on my face. Plus it was dripping in essence! It was very hydrating and my skin felt plump with happiness after use. It’s still the only product that I’ve tried with Abalone as the star. Not sure if they’re going to start a new snail trend with it though!


Innisfree – It’s a Real Squeeze Rose & Skin Clinic Hyaluronic Acid
Sheet Mask Squad – Rose £1.85, HA £2.95
(Remember to use my link to get 10% off all purchases – Sheet Mask Squad)
Amazon – Rose £1.70, HA £3.99

The Innisfree line are well known in the Asian Beauty Fandom, they’re one of my personal favourites for daily masking. The masks are cotton and a slightly thick, though the Skin Clinic line is slightly thinner than It’s A Real Squeeze. There’s always plenty of essence with these masks and they are hydrating. I’ve found that the Skin Clinic masks are more effective than It’s A Real Squeeze, but they’re also more expensive. The rose is decently brightening for the price, though the effects are short term.


Mamonde Flower Essential Mask – Witch Hazel Soothing
Sheet Mask Squad – £2.15 (Not in Store)
Amazon – $11.85 for 5

Now I’ve tried this brand before and found that the fit was better suited for someone with a longer face than my chipmunk-esque one. However the reviews online are favourable and the Rose Honey Sleeping Pack is a niche fan favourite, so I’m willing to give this mask another go! Mamonde are well known for their effective use of floral ingredients, and they have a whole flower essential mask line. Fingers crossed that this one is better for me. Witch Hazel is another brightening ingredient but also gently exfoliating.

13334713_10208543298352687_1575111607_oMy Scheming – Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask
Sheet Mask Squad – 
£1.95 (Not in Store)
Yes Style – £8.72 for 10

This is a Taiwanese brand which I’ve newly fell in love with this year, and for good reason. Not only is the packaging adorable, I’ve found them dripping in essence and a good fit. This is marketed as a “silk mask” which means it’s thinner and softer than the usual cotton masks a la Innisfree. I’ve not tried this variety of the series yet, but it’s for targeting break outs and I’m sure, sadly, I’ll have use of it soon!


Mediheal x Line Friends – IPI Lightmax Ampoule Mask
Sheet Mask Squad – £3.95
Amazon – $16.50 for 10

I have just posted on my instagram about how I love collaborations and here is the Line x Mediheal collab mask! I’ve also got to confess that I have a pink rabbit which is my favourite childhood teddy, so I’ve got a fondness for this packaging. Sadly it’s not rabbit print though. This mask contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C which is great for brightening and helping lighten scars. This collaboration was launched in November 2015, so it’s still pretty new.


Illi – Lotus Moisture Sheet Mask
Sheet Mask Squad – £2.25
W2 Beauty – $3.99

Now this is another mask which has cropped up on some of my favourite blogs! All report that it has a strong lotus scent, so if you’re adverse to fragrances this is not the mask for you. The main ingredients are Lotus, for hydration, and Korean Premium Ginseng, for glowiness. Mixed reviews on this one, some like Genie of Mask Genie love it, others like Snow of Snow White and the Asian Pear were less enamored. Stay tuned to my instagram to see what I think!


My Beauty Diary – Natto
Sheet Mask Squad – £1.85 (Not in Store)
Amazon – $17.69 for

And last, but by no means least, it’s the Natto mask! For those who don’t know Natto is a fermented soy bean which is eaten with rice. It’s the marmite of Japan, it has a strong scent and flavour which not everyone loves. I do though! Fortunately for everyone else this mask does not smell like natto. As with all My Beauty Diary masks this had enough essence to pat into my face, neck and decolletage. It was hydrating but didn’t have much benefit in any other area. It’s a good filler mask, but not one I’d use for special occasions, even though I love natto.


Final Thoughts

Of course the first question is, does it meet the value? The box costs £24.99 (or £22.50 with my link) per month, which isn’t cheap. This works out to £2.50 a sheetmask. Using Sheet Mask Squad pricing I get a value of £30.95 or $45. Using the prices I found online, which doesn’t include shipping, I get a value of £22.43 or $33.
So as with most subscription services the valued listed on the contents are inflated. But as this is a small company which has just started out I understand that. Happily the value is still there! Though the prices I found online comes slightly under, this didn’t include shipping or the convenience of having it all in one place.

I loved the curation of this! TBH they had me as soon as I saw the Whamisa mask. This is the first subscription mask service I’ve tried which has included a high end brand. They had a nice variety of brands, only Innisfree was repeated, and types. Including a hydrogel and normal sheetmasks. I’d have liked to see more variety on the types, so maybe two hydrogels and losing one of the sheetmasks. Or branching out into a different body type such as eyes or hands. This was definitely a hydrating/brightening box. Which is probably a good thing as more people benefit, though selfishly I would have liked to seen a couple more oil or acne targeting masks.

But altogether I really liked this box! I was introduced to a few new brands, got to try out some much wanted masks and the value was there. If you want to try out a variety of masks I’d recommend you buy this box. Or even if you have to buy someone a present, this is a great gift. Sheetmasks are the gateway drug to Asian Beauty after all 😉

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  1. The masks all look super cool and interesting and I would be really happy to subscribe to such service but sadly the prices in Europe are kind of a bummer for me. Personally I am not willing to spend 30€ monthly on products I may not like.

    • I completely understand on the pricing, it’s a gamble which for me with this box would have paid off. The value of the box is over the price of the individual masks which is all I ask for. I think sheetmask boxes are less of a gamble than beauty products, but there have been some terrible ones like urban dollkiss money print ones…

  2. I love how you have given a short and accurate description of everything. And how cute is that “Yes Style” bunny? xD

  3. The way you describe the masks make me want to try them all! However I have really sensitive skin so I am not really sure which one would be a good fit. My fave gets dry very easily.

  4. I’m surprised at the Natto mask! I was totally expecting that one to smell up a storm. This is a neat little subscription box if you like sheet masks! It’d make a really cute gift for someone. 🙂

  5. I love the packaging on those masks and they look like they’re gonna be really cool! I’ve wanted to try those kind of boxes before so this is kinda pushing me to do it =D

    Danielle – http://www.FollowMyGut.com

  6. The main thing that you liked it and you satisfied with the shopping.
    Personally i like the unusual design of some packages!

  7. omg i love sheet masks!! i will have to see where all they ship!!

  8. Great post! I would love to know your thoughts on Illi Lotus mask. I have tried it..very disappointed with the results. Did not provide any moisture to my dry skin 🙁

    • Ah no sorry to hear that! A trick I do when my skin needs extra moisture is to use my Hada Labo HA toner before the sheetmask. That way the HA helps draw in more moisture.

  9. This sounds like a really great subscription box! This year I got more into masks, so I’m always looking for new ones to try. Though converted to CAD it would be far to expensive for me to try. At least I now have a few new sheet masks to add to my to buy list!

  10. Ah, that Whamisa one! I live in Korea and haven’t yet been able to find a (reasonably priced) seller, so I’d definitely like that box. Glad to hear that it worked so well!
    Illi, Mamonde and Innisfree are my staple mask brands, but I’ve actually never tried the Lotus or Witch Hazel one – hope to see a review! ^^

  11. I’m starting to see a lot of mask subscription boxes now, but the content of this one may be the most impressive one so far! I love that they include high end masks like the Whamisa hydrogel and not just a bunch of random cheap/no-name brands!

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