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This is the first in a monthly series that I’ve just started on the blog called “Ingredient Spotlight”. I’ll be walking through some key ingredients, what they do and which products you can buy for your skincare routine!

I chose Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil as my first as they’re both well known ingredients with 5* skincare benefits. For those with oily skin, suffering from redness and/or acne these are great ingredients to include in your line up. And that’s exactly what I suffer from. So these are two ingredients I know and love well.

Some of my Green Tea and Tea Tree products!

Some of my Green Tea and Tea Tree products!


High in anti-oxidants, readily available and used since ancient times in skincare. Despite their names and similar properties Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil are nothing alike.
Green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant and Tea Tree Oil is from the Melaleuca Alternifolia.


Green Tea


BodyShop Green Tea Collection

BodyShop Green Tea Collection

Drinking green tea is well known to have many health benefits, so what are the topical ones? Green tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, so if you ever see that ingredient in your ingredient list now you know what it is! There have been many studies which show that tea has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is a potent anti-oxidant for the skin. A 2015 article in “Archives of Dermatology” suggested that in theory the green tea’s anti-oxidant property is the key to it’s skin protective qualities. Also good to know is that most of the polyphenols in green tea are catechins which are anti-oxidant in nature and have been shown to also function as an anti-inflammatory. This helps to reduce redness and inflammation caused be acne.


More recent research has also indicated that green tea’s active component, EGCG or epigallocatechin-3-gallate to give it it’s full name, can prevent collagen breakdown and reduce UV damage to the skin.

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree

Now Tea Tree Oil shares many of the same properties as Green Tea, but it’s more powerful. This is an oil which comes from an Australian plant, Melaleuca Alternifolia. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is an anti-oxidant. It’s also been shown to have anti-microbial properties as well.

Perhaps it’s most well-known use is in treatment of acne. There are credible studies which have shown it to be effective as a topical treatment for killing the bacteria which causes acne. Concentrations of 5-10% are the recommended dosage. Although you’ll find in a lot of skincare products this is actually closer to 1%. So while it’ll retain it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it’s less likely to be effective against acne.

The danger in tea tree oil is that in using too much you can create dryness and irritate the skin. Some people are more sensitive to the stinging sensation than others. So always be careful when introducing a high concentrated oil product to your routine. It is also toxic when swallowed, so try not to use it inside or around the mouth. Also be wary of using the pure essential oil straight on your skin, as this can result in burns.

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Similar but Different

The crux of this is, if you have sensitive skin green tea is the path you should be venturing down. It’s calming but also gentle on the skin.
For those with acne prone skin tea tree can become a life saver, in moderation. Nothing has been as effective, and consistently so, against spots as tea tree has for me.

Both are anti-inflammatory so help with redness, and are high in anti-oxidants.

Skincare Products to Buy

There are many green tea and tea tree oil based products out there, both in the Western and Eastern world of Beauty.
Below is a list of top picks for various stages in your Skincare Routine. I had fun creating full routines using just Green Tea and Tea Tree products!
Links marked with * are affiliate.
Building your own routine and confused as to where each product goes?
Check out my Asian Skincare Routine Guide.


Innisfree has a well known Green Tea line. It’s highly thought of, and for good reason.
Great quality products,  affordable prices and gentle on the skin.
The Green Tea line actually comes in three variants, for different skin types.
1) Oily Skin : The Green Tea Fresh Line
2) Combination Skin : The Green Tea Balancing Line
3) Dry Skin : The Green tea Moisture Line
Innisfree Green Tea

From the Green Tea Seed Line below are the best sellers:

Green Tea Seed Serum ($19.53) This has a light consistency and the pump makes it easy to dispense the product. Helps with redness and has a light scent.

Green Tea Sleeping Pack ($13.88)– Creamy texture which isn’t sticky on the skin. A light occlusive that absorbs quickly, perfect for the summer months. Good for those with oily skin and my skin isn’t greasy when I wake up, unlike with other sleeping packs. Has a fresh scent which quickly fades once on.

It’s a Real Squeeze ($1.40)* – Green Tea and Tea Tree. Affordable masks with a good fit and plenty of essence.

I always purchase my LJH products from HKC Plaza which has rock bottom discounts that crop up ever so often. Given the normal pricing for the below I’d wait for the next HKC Plaza sale.

Tea Tree Essence – A lightweight hydrating essence which is quickly absorbed into my skin. It’s helped with redness, keeping acne at bay and is an extra hydrating step in my routine. This is a step I always use and I’m on my second bottle. 

Tea Tree Mist – Lightly hydrating mist, good for oily skin.


Green Tea Mist ($5.63) – Refreshing and slight brightening effect with a good scent.

Tea Tree Essence ($9.90)– Contains 70% tea tree leaf water and 3% tea tree extract, so lower than the effective 5-10% rate. It does also contain niacinamide. Comes in a 60ml pump bottle which helps to dispense the watery essence.

 Green Tea Skincare Routine

Innisfree Cleansing Oil – $16.98 Jolse

Missha Make Up Remover – $3.35 RoseRose

TonyMoly Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Set – $27.18 Jolse

Innisfree Lotion* – $19 Skin18

Nature Republic Body Scrub – $9.33 Jolse

Holika Holika Soap – $9.33 Jolse

Innisfree Hand Cream* – $8 Skin18

Skinfood Foot Mist – $4.02 RoseRose

Innisfree Scalp Conditioner – $5.71 RoseRose

Sheet Masks!
Illi – Sheetmask Squad
Annie’s Way – Beautius

Tea Tree Skincare Routine

The SAEM Cleansing Wipes – $8.06 Jolse

SecretKey Toner – $11.46 Jolse

Skinfood Tea Tree Emulsion – $11.58 Jolse

A’Pieu Tea Tree Oil – $3.43 RoseRose

Mizon Acence Blemish Stick – $6.79 Jolse

A’Pieu Tea Tree Spot Patch – $0.27 RoseRose

Sheet Masks!
Etude House* – Skin18
Nature Republic* – Skin18
Mediheal* – Skin18


Even More Skincare Products!

There are so many Tea Tree and Green Tea based products out there that I can’t fit them all in this post. Check out my pinterest board for even more of the Tea goodness. Just click on the pictures below.

Green Tea Board

Green Tea Board

Tea Tree Board

Tea Tree Board


Green Tea and Tea Tree based products are one of my favourites, because they’re practically catered to my oily acne prone skin! I currently have the LJH Tea Tree Essence in my line up, as well as samples of the Innisfree Green Tea sleeping pack for travelling and the Green Tea Seed Serum. I also keep a stock of green tea and tea tree oil masks, ready for those pimple emergencies which have a tendency to crop up when I’m stressed out.

If I could only have one ingredient to build my skincare routine out of, I’d probably err to Green Tea. As Tea Tree Oil in substantial quantity can be drying and irritate skin. And while the Tea Tree is better at combating acne, I’d rather have the calming Green Tea on my side.

Fortunately I’m allowed more than one star ingredient in my routine, and these two combined are a killer combination!


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  1. Great information – I use a lot with tea tree oil but learned a lot more from this post!

  2. Tea tree oil is fantastic! I love the smell and the tingle I get from some of the topical uses. Lol.

  3. We worked on an article in molecular bio class that suggested green tea might be reducing the risk of developing a cancer which made me feel even better about the fact I love it and I am having a cup almost daily. I also love the scent and I am always on a hunt for a good green tea product.

    Tea tree is not my type of ingredient though. Yes, it’s great for pimples in a spot treatment but I don’t like the scent all that much and overall it’s an ingredient that’s too harsh for my skin.

  4. Tea tree oil is good for your skin but I also love it on my hair.

  5. I have both the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and LJH Tea Tree Essence, and they’re perfect for the summer! Between the 2 ingredients, I think I would also pick green tea as my favorite – I love the smell and that it’s full of antioxidant properties 🙂

  6. Love this ingradient spotlight! I love green tea especially for skincare and for eating and usually I love products with green tea scent…

  7. I’m going to try the green tea range at Innisfree soon, after I’ve run out of some of my current products! Looking forward to see what green tea does for me – I already use tea tree oil so maybe it’ll be a winning combo.

  8. I love love love how you made pinterest boards!! Also I started drinking lots more matcha this year ^_^

  9. I almost spotlighted my tea tree products for AB See, too! (Went with bird poo ultimately….) I like the “weaker” tea tree products that don’t smell like tea tree at all (personal dislike) because I find that they still help reduce redness and calm skin even if they don’t prevent acne. E.g., LJH Tea Tree Essence, Benton Honest TT Mist.

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  11. I used tea tree items for my acne and hair. I love it, I am allergic to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. So I cannot use most OTC items. But tea tree items are great. No adverse reactions, no drying out, no swelling like the SA or BP. If you are sensitive to those, definitely try tea tree items.

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