[Unboxing] Birchbox – June 2016

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June has arrived in the UK, and though the Sun hasn’t my June Birchbox really perked up my mood! This month’s Birchbox had a great new design, which I hope they keep. Instead of the usual lid, it works like a drawer. This makes it easier to stack the boxes and use them as additional storage.

One of the additional things Birchbox offers is points for reviewing the samples you receive. You get 5-8 points per review, and each point is worth roughly 10p. Seeing as how you get at least 5 samples each month, in two month’s you’ll have about 50 points (£5) to spend in their store!

Cost: £10 + £2.96 p+p, so approx. £13 a box. 
Sign up via my link to get 50 Birchbox points (worth £5)  

The Full Contents

Now onto the contents of the box and what I thought of them!

Absolution – Le Nettoyant Purete RRP £26.99

This is a cleanser from the brand absolution which I hadn’t heard of before. It’s infused with extracts of chamomile, white willow and oat proteins. It has an impressively natural ingredients list, however the scent is quite strong. I’d describe it as fruity with undertones of floral. While it wasn’t offensive to me, others may find it overpowering. The texture is light and I’ll be taking it with me on my next overnight trip to test out!


Jelly Pong Pong – Lightener (Brightener & Waterliner) RRP £14.95

The name of this brand always makes me smile, with the added bonus that I actually like their products! I don’t own any brighteners in stick form so this was a welcome sight in my box. It has a creamy texture and only needs a light touch to apply. Which is vital for any product going near the eyes. It does slightly brighten, but I’m already quite pale so isn’t too obvious when I wear this. I would say that the pigmentation isn’t one of the best and I’ll be looking elsewhere for a different brightener.


Huygens – Exfoliating Cream RRP £17.90

This brand is completely new to me, but it is also from France. Bit of a French theme going on in this box. This is a sample size, but there’s plenty of product to try out. Enough for at least 3 goes, by my rough estimations. This is a scrub with green tea extract, sesame oil and rice powder particles, very inspired by East Asia! It has a fresh green tea scent to it. The scrub itself isn’t very gentle, but that was on bare skin. I’m going to apply it to wet skin next time for a more gentle exfoliation. Was really pleased with this product and glad that Birchbox has introduced me to this brand.


Eyeko – Fat Liquid Eyeliner Black RRP £12.00

Eyeliners are a staple in most beauty boxes, fortunately I love eyeliners and wear them daily! This is a very thick black eyeliner. It actually reminds me of a black marker, and can easily be mistaken for one. I don’t really use thick eyeliners, as I find them harder to control and not great for daily work use. But for those who do prefer a thicker line this would work for you. Good pigmentation and not drying.


Percy & Reed – Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray RRP £12

Now this is a brand I know and love. I think through Birchbox and LoveMeBeauty I must almost have the entire line by now. This came as a sample size which nicely fits in the palm of my hand, perfect for weekend travelling. No discernible scent beyond the usual hairspray one. Love this. Doesn’t make my hair crunchy which I find a perennial problem with most hairsprays. I don’t spray my hair often so will keep this for those rare occasions when I do. Would purchase this myself.

High five to the curator of this box for getting a great mix of make-up, skincare and hair products! I love it when boxes have a mixture of things as it means I can try more stuff out. The box itself was a mixed bag, but overall thumbs up. Got another Percy & Reed product, introduced to a new French brand which I’ll look into and love the new box design. Not a fan of the chubby eyeliner or brightener, so the make up products were a bit of a miss for me this month.

Looking forward to next month’s box!

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