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Oriental Queen’s Recipe

This is the second of three items that BNT News sent to me for review in September. This is from the brand Hansaeng, which is another brand I’ve not been introduced to before. Which is surprising as this is a company with a heritage of 50 years, and they base their skincare lines on oriental medicine aka Hanbang.

This is an essence from their Rin Bi-Gyeol Yun skincare range, which highlights ginseng as their key ingredient. Not just any old ginseng, but fermented ginseng, so I was pretty excited to give this product a try. Ginseng is one of the favoured ingredients for brightening the skin and given winter is around the corner, it means that the danger of dull skin is also lurking by.

This product is meant to have anti-wrinkle and whitening properties. It’s most suitable for those with dull or dry skin.

Brand Statement

Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Essence


Check out the full list of ingredients here:http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_85f7240409.html

 This bottle is packed full of brightening ingredients and botanical extracts! I’m never  going to be one of those people who think “natural” is better than “chemicals” as there’s a very blurred line between the two, but for those who do prefer their products to be less-chemical based this is a great product from first reading.

As for how much of each extract is in the bottle it’s difficult to discern, as there doesn’t need to be that level of granularity in cosmetics. So it’s something worth keeping in mind. Even though a product is listed, doesn’t mean it’s there in enough quantities to be effective.

Ginseng (Lactobacillus) – Asian ginseng is the one to look for in ingredient lists as they have a higher number of ginsenosides which is what medicinally is thought to have the beneficial effects for the skin. This is an anti-inflammatory which is said to help calm down redness and even out skintone. This has been a staple in the cosmetics war chest for whitening skin for generations in Asia.

Liquorice – Good for brightening/evening out skin tone and filled with Anti-oxidants. This is a soothing ingredient which works well for even sensitive skins.

Niacinamide – A well known ingredient much loved for it’s brightening powers. It can help to even out skintone and help to smoothen the texture of skin. It’s one that you’ll find in a lot of anti-aging based skincare lines.

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The packaging is, in my opinion, very stylish and upmarket. Maybe I’ve been swayed by the cutesiness of TonyMoly and the simplicity of CosRX, but this packaging has all the marks of luxury to me. It’s sleek, simple and elegant. Well in so far as you can call a bottle elegant. It also gave me History of Whoo vibes, given I’m currently unable to justify splurging on Whoo this fulfilled that hole temporarily.
It’s gold capped and feels sturdy in my hand. The box that it comes in is also stylish, with a simple floral decoration. This is a decent size and I love the pump application, I find it easier to use and more hygienic.


Product & Scent

This is a lightweight cream, which has a light consistency and is absorbed quite easily.
You wouldn’t say this is unscented, there’s definitely a ginseng backnote to this. But it wasn’t so strong that it gave me a headache and I can be pretty sensitive to smells.

 Directions of Use

I’ve been using two pumps of this for my face, and an additional pump for my neck. I massage it on in small circles. For me this goes after me essences but before my moisturisers. 

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I liked this product. It made me feel fancy to use, pumping it out of it’s beautiful packaging, and the scent appealed to me. It was lightly hydrating and very quickly absorbed into my skin. It didn’t feel greasy at all, and layered well with the rest of my routine. Even when I switched up to using it in the morning it didn’t cause pilling and sat nicely.

I believe did minorly help with brightening out my skintone. But I do also have a Vitamin C derivative serums in my routine, so I can’t lay the full benefits of brightening, in good conscience, to creams I use.

As someone with combination acne-prone skin, this isn’t going to have a permanent spot in my routine, as I’m currently more focused on dealing with acne and oil. However my eagle-eyed mother spotted it in my bag when I went home this weekend and has laid claim to it. She’s looking for an anti-aging lotion to add to her currently minimal routine. Sun damage and evening out her skintone is another aim, which this would be the perfect essence for.

She very generously let me keep it this week so I could finish testing and review. But this weekend she is claiming it as her own. I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram for as to how she found it! She’s more the target audience for this product so I’ll be interested to see if it has more benefits for her than I was able to see in my still comparatively youthful skin. Saying that if she hadn’t laid claim it would still have had its place in my own skincare wardrobe.


 Find out more on their website! http://www.ihansaeng.com/eng/01_hansaeng/hansaeng.html


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  2. This looks like a great find! Looove Asian skincare products 🙂

  3. Looks like a good product. I might look for it on Amazon!

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