What a Year it Has Been! Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Last post of 2016! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, I swear it was only yesterday that I was setting up the blog!

It’s now just under 1 year since MapleTreeBlog has launched all the way back in February and there have been so many exciting developments. There have been over 100k page views of my little blog, and I hope to continue to grow in 2017!

Posts this Year

53 posts this year, more than one a week on average! And I hope to be even more productive next year. It seems my foam cleanser reviews are the most popular! Both my “Ingredient Spotlight” pieces made the top ten, and I’ve already got a few more planned in the upcoming months.
Hoping to bring you even more great reviews next year, and guides to the different aspects of Asian Beauty.

Top 10 Most Read

  1. Shiseido Perfect Whip

  2. April Skin Magic Stone Review

  3.  Asian Skincare Routine – The Why, the What and the When

  4. Japan Haul Spring 2016

  5. Hada Labo Foam Cleanser Review

  6. All About Sheetmasks

  7. Ingredient Spotlight – Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil

  8. Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack Review

  9. Japan Haul Winter 2016

  10. Ingredient Spotlight – Strawberry

Social Media and Meet Ups

I now have over 1700 followers on Instagram, thank you all for liking my selfies and product shots. I promise to try and be more artistic with my photos in the coming year! I’m also still getting to grips with Instagram stories, so there will be more “behind the scenes” insights into my life.

I’ve also got to meet with fellow Asian Beauty fans in real life! Organising meet ups has been a mixture of anxiety but also eager anticipation. And definitely worth all the effort. I’ve learnt so much from my fellow fans. And there’s nothing like playing Pokemon GO while discussing ceramides in the park. You can read about all the meet ups here: http://mapletreeblog.com/category/meet-up/


It’s also been an exciting year for collaborations, both with brands and fellow bloggers.

BBCosmetic, Skin18 and Elizavecca are all just some of the shops/brands which have partnered with me to bring reviews of products for you my readers.

I’m also  now part of the BNT Media Review team, which has introduced me to some new favourites that I’ve never heard of before! Like the Kicho Sheep Cream, which is now my daily morning moisturiser. I’m hoping for even more hidden gems from little known brands in the coming year! And looking forward to reviewing these for you as well.

But, I am also honoured to have been selected as an Etude House Pink Bird Member for the first half of 2017! Which means for the next 6 months Etude House will be sending me a pink box with their upcoming products to share my thoughts on with you all. I cannot be more excited for this opportunity and I hope you’re looking forward to getting a sneak peek at the upcoming collections.

It’s hard to believe that this has all just happened in one year. And that I’ve been lucky enough to get these opportunities even as a relative newbie in the Asian Beauty Blogging World.

Speaking of, I’ve loved getting to know my fellow bloggers even more. 2016 started out with the Asian Beauty Blog Party, where 6 of us AB bloggers shared our thoughts on a wide variety of topics. Behind the scenes was a lot of fun, attempting to match time zones and pick apart what we should discuss!

There was also AB See, the AB link party, which started off with a bang on topic of “New”. I discovered a lot of new blogs through this, and thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s contribution.

I’m hoping that there’ll be even more chances for collaborations in the future. Please do get in touch, via email or Instagram messenger, if you have any ideas!

Phew that was an even busier 2016 than I realised. It’s been an amazing first year on MapleTree and I hope you continue to support me in the upcoming year <3

To More Fun Snaps, no filter needed, in 2017!

Happy New Year everyone, may 2017 be even better than 2016

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