[Mask Mondays] – Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask Pack Vita Deep

It’s the revival of the Mask Mondays series! And rather appropriately I’m reviewing a sheetmask which will revitalise your skin. Elizavecca, the company behind the fun carbonated bubble mask, got in touch and sent me a fun package of goodies. The new Power Ringer sheetmask set was part of this and I’m starting with the Vita Power sheetmask as my face is suffering from winter dullness.

For more information on sheetmasks check out my guide: All About Sheetmasks.

Elizavecca Vita Deep Power Ringer Review

Elizavecca Sheet Mask Power Ringer

Mask Fit and Feel

Huge Eye Holes

Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask

Not the Best Fit

This mask is a thicker material than the previously reviewed MBD Natto Mask, but it’s not uncomfortably thick and remains flexible. It also feel breathable so it barely feels like I have a mask on my face. Which is important to me as I like to do other things while masking and don’t want to be distracted or uncomfortable. This Elizavecca sheetmask is slightly too big for me though, as you can see in the pics. One advantage of this is that those with sensitive eyes can be reassured that the mask won’t be near them, and I can pamper under my chin an oft forgotten place. However honestly speaking I like my sheetmasks to fit a little better.

Essence and Duration

This mask was soaked in essence without being drippy. I store my masks flat, which helps with this, and this mask dried evenly on my face. There was no dripping essence down my neck, and I wasn’t doing a juggling act trying to get it on my face before essence dripped onto the floor.
I got a 30 minute wear out of this sheetmask, which is great, the packet advises 15-20 minutes wear time. I was expecting a citrus scent, given that the mask is blazened with oranges on the front, but I didn’t really get any scent. There was a slight “sheetmask” smell to it, which is the undertone I get from most masks.


Before Sheetmask

Mask was nicely hydrating and didn’t leave a sticky feeling on my skin. There was some evening of skin tone but not much. 

Final Thoughts

I would compare these sheetmasks to the TonyMoly sheetmasks. They’re both low in price and come in many different varieties. I do love the little Elizavecca piggy on the sheetmask pack, and the IV drip stylisation. It also has a decent wear time and hydrating effects. While I didn’t get the same type of glow as I do with more expensive brands, I did get a nice evening of skintone. The fit of the mask could be better, but I am aware that not everyone has my face shape and it’s an advantage for those who don’t like masks getting too close to their eyes. For approximately $1 a mask it’s nicely affordable for people like me who enjoy daily masking. 

Elizavecca Power Ringer Sheetmask

Post Sheetmasking

Where to Buy

Amazon – $10.98 
Amazon – £11.50


  1. Your skin looks great ! I love the photos !
    Might have to give this one a try and not too pricy !

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