[Pink Bird] – Etude House January Unboxing!

Exciting news everyone! I’m one of the new Pink Bird bloggers for Etude House. Which means for the next 6 months I’ll be bringing you unboxings of the latest Etude House Products. Excited? I may just be a tad, and so this blog post is super photo heavy as I explored January’s Pink Bird offering.

The box itself arrives in this pretty package with a folder that has mini posters of each of the products inside in. 

First out of the box are the “extras”, included this time was a 100% cotton face towel and a hand mirror embossed with gold stars and the phrase “Life is Sweet”. Life is sweet indeed little hand mirror. It’s also good quality with faux leather and is about the size of my palm.

Okay now onto the main attractions! 

Any Cushion Color Corrector

This is a colour correcting cushion, for use as a primer under bb creams/foundation. It comes in four colours. 

  • Pink – Corrects dark spots and under-eye circles
  • Mint – Anti-redness
  • Lavender – Even out yellow-toned skin
  • Illuminate – Strobing effect

I went for the mint colour as I do suffer from redness. It’s a pretty firm cushion and there’s plenty of product within. I only required two puffs to cover my entire face. It did give a good coverage, but I was slightly pale green which was an eerie effect, so I couldn’t recommend just using this product alone! Though I do suffer from a lot of redness so I may have been overgenerous with the application.


Precious Mineral BB Cream

This is a new BB cream from Etude House for 2017. The BB in this case stands for “Beautifying” and “Block”. Promising to cover flaws and protect the face from sun and dust. It is SPF50, PA+++ but I am always of the belief that BB cream alone isn’t enough for proper sun protection, so do still use suncream with this.

This comes in 5 different shades, from lightest to darkest:

  • Vanilla
  • Petal
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Sand

As with all Korean cosmetics though, even Sand is quite a light shade. I wear Bobby Brown Porcelain and chose Petal. On testing this out it looks to be one shade darker than my neck, which works out fine for me. As I like a bit of extra colour on my face, but for those who like an exact match vanilla is probably better. This had decent coverage, it did slightly gather in the folds by my nose though. And it wasn’t transfer proof. When I touch my face some of the BB cream did come off at the same time. It’s a decent cream for the price though.

Look at My Eyes – Sparkling Milky Way

Etude House has come out this year with a set of Eye Shadows inspired by the Western Zodiac! As someone who loves themed make up/skincare/anything really, I was really happy to see two of the shades in my box. There are 7 shadows in the regular Look At My Eyes texture, and 5 in the Jewel texture.  I received Femme Fatale Scorpio, matching my birth sign, and Solid Taurus. Below are all the possible shades:

An extra feature of these eyeshadows is that the case glows in the dark! These had a better than expected pigment, but not the same class as Urban Decay, and were slightly shimmery.  I wouldn’t expect these to last 6+ hours on their own.There was some fall out when I applied the shadows, but was also simple to wipe off as well. For a more defined look you’ll definitely have to apply primer. Below are swatches of the two shades that I received.

Seeing as how I received 4 make-up products I took the opportunity to try a complete Etude House look! I used the Scorpio shade as a substitute eyeliner, and the Taurus as my base eyeshadow. 

I loved my first box! What did you think? Will you be buying any of these products!?

You can find all these products at most online AB retailers. Or even directly from the Etude House Official Website


  1. Such pretty packaging! It looks like they are all great products!

  2. So jealous that you’re getting these, they look so pretty! The eyeshadows look amazing and I like the idea of one matching your star sign, the pisces one is perfect for me! Would you recommend them? X

  3. Congrats on being a Pink Bird!! I ordered the mineral BB in solid format 😀 I can’t wait to get it!

  4. OMG these products are so cute! Especially that little mirror 🙂 I’m jealous.
    I love how thorough your review is, and the fact that it’s a “photo heavy” blog post is just awesome! I personally prefer these types of posts :). Can’t wait to see the rest.
    Pinning this, keep up the great work!

  5. Omgsh! I LOVE Etude House their packaging is sooo adorable and I loveee their products too! Those eye shadow colors are so gorgeous!

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/fello-eyewear-fashionable-quality-shades/

  6. the corrector looks fantastic! xxx

  7. Ok, I need this box! It’s a really good one and with good products. Love your review!

  8. I’ve never heard of this box before. The packaging is so pretty! You got some really great items! The color corrector looks nice.

  9. Okay I think my fave thing in that box is that heart-cotton towel! It’s so cute!

  10. I used to buy stuff from Etude when I was in Taiwan, visiting their stores felt like visiting wonderland. It was super fun! I never got the chance to get their products in the US though, I might have to look around their website! Thanks for the awesome review!

  11. Congrats on being chosen. This box looks amazing. The colors are so pretty! Great unboxing!

  12. Oh wow I love Etude House and those products are so pretty! You also did such a great job of showcasing each product. That’s awesome!

  13. I’ve never heard of this box before but these products sounds so cute! Thanks for your review!

  14. Great review, Sophie! ♥ I was thinking about getting the green one too but ended up picking the pink one~ It looks nice for cancelling out rednesses but I don’t like that you don’t seem to be able to wear it by itself T_T The brown eyeshadow looks very pretty ^_^ ♥

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  16. Flawless and the packaging’s too cute! I really need to try this. ♡ Dripdrip✧・.・゜

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  18. I absolutely love Etude house, been using their BB Creams for years now, I don’t get any outbreaks and they give great coverage! ^_^ I want to try the baking powder cleansing foam too!

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