[Mask Mondays] – TonyMoly Kkobugi Hydrating Mask Sheet

TonyMoly released a whole line of Pokemon Collaboration Items and I being a Pokemon Master in training knew I had to catch them all! Though when the reality of my wallet hit what I actually did was pick up some sheetmasks and the blusher.

This is part of my Monday Masking series! Every other Monday expect to see a new sheetmask review on the blog.
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Sheetmasks are a great way to dip your toes into Asian Beauty and pack a hydrating punch. You can read more about the benefits and Sheetmask recommendations per skin problem here: All About Sheetmasks The What and Why of it All.

TonyMoly Kkobugi (Squirtle) Hydrating Sheetmask Review

There are five different options in the TonyMoly Pokemon Collaboration line, the one I’m going to be reviewing today is Kkobuki! Or Squirtle as he’s known here in the UK. Below are the full list of available masks and their key advertised effects.
I got 4 of the sheetmasks available, poor Bulbasaur missed out as I couldn’t find him in the store in Japan.

  • #Pikachu [Pikachu](Moisture)
  • #Fairi [Charmander](Brightening)
  • #Kkobuki [Squirtle](Hydrating)
  • #Isanghessi [Bulbasaur](Pore)
  • #Naong[Meowth] (Nutrition)


Mask Fit and Feel

I was quite pleased with the fit of this mask, there were decent but not too big eye holes and it covered my entire face. There was some folding of the sheetmask, but that’s also partly my application being a bit sloppy. It’s a breathable mask, while you can feel that you’re wearing one, it’s not thick or uncomfortable. It felt like the TonyMoly It’s Real line of sheetmasks, for those who’ve worn those. Not surprising given it’s the same brand!

Essence and Duration

There was what I would call a white flower scent to this mask, though it wasn’t over powering you could definitely tell it was there. Plenty of essence, but it didn’t drip down my neck. I wore this mask for 30 minutes, and at the end the edges were slightly dry.

Final Thoughts

This was a decent mask and one that I’d be happy to repurchase for my daily sheetmasking needs. As a big Pokemon fan I love the packaging, and wish there were more pokemon released! I love that the benefit and theme matches Squirtle as a water type Pokemon as well. It’s main benefit was hydration, and I did indeed see hydration! I saw no other main benefits though from this mask. It was a gentle mask, I had no stinging or negative effects.

TonyMoly’s Pokemon collaboration has been released in drips and drabs, but I do like the sheetmasks. Would I have liked a pokemon print, definitely. But in terms of function it fulfils those hydrating needs that I want from a mask. It’s not going to be a HG in my sheetmask list, however it’s not a dud which so often can happen with collaboration items. Seeing as how I have over 100 masks in my collection this won’t be a repurchase for me for now.

Where to Buy

BBCosmetic – $29.71 for 10 Purchase Here

Amazon – $11.74 for 5 Purchase Here

Yes Style – £3.51 for one Purchase Here


  1. My niece would love this! We enjoy doing spa days when she comes to visit.

  2. The packaging is so cute, but I prefer to stick with my favourite neogen masks 🙂 But who knows – maybe one day I’ll try it 🙂

  3. The packaging is awesome. Nice blog 🙂

  4. These are so cute!! And so different! Like the sound of the Meowth one… sheetmasking is definitely the most fun form of skincare there is!

  5. Omg the packaging is so cute, is this brand cruelty free?

  6. Thanks for sharing this review! I am always looking for ways to keep my skin healthy and hydrated. Does the mask peel off easily? Thx!

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  8. Hi, I had actually gotten one of these as a Christmas gift from my sister and it was really nice, coming from me that’s rare considering I rarely ever use face masks ,but I would definitely get another if my face is in need of hydration .

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