Asian Beauty Advanced Skincare Routine

Asian Beauty Skincare Routine – The Next Steps

Welcome back to the Skincare Routine Series!
So you’ve now got your basic skincare routine in place and are looking for what to do next? If not go back and check out the “Beginner’s Skincare Routine”, for how to get started with your Asian Beauty skincare routine.

If you’ve now got all the basics in place, it’s time for the next exciting part in your Asian Beauty skincare journey. Introducing all those other steps you’ve heard about. The fabled 10 step routine, or lucky 13 in my infograph.

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The Pink Steps are the “Foundation Steps”, Blue Steps are “Optional Steps”, and Yellow the “Veteran Steps” for
those looking to take their skincare routine one step further.

Remember not everyone’s routine is going to look the same, or even have the same steps! The best part of an Asian Beauty Skincare Routine is the ability to customise as you see fit.

Asian Beauty Skincare Routine Infograph

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Customise Your Own Routine

By no means do you have to have all of these steps. Even between days my own skincare routine changes depending on how I feel, or how much time I have. Just take a look at my “Asian Beauty and Fitness Routine“, for an example of how I adapt my skincare routine depending on the circumstance.

And there are even products like Mists and Eye Creams which I’ve left out of this infograph. The beauty world is endless, and this is a basic infograph which will work for most people. See it as a launch pad for further investigation!
[For reference I use mists as a top up hydration layer during the day, between steps and whenever I want a refresher].

A general rule of thumb to keep in mind is thinner to thicker. So if you have 3 essences/ampoules in your routine layer them up thinnest to thickest. It won’t be the end of the world if you use a thicker essence first, it just makes it slightly harder for the thinner essence to sink through.

A simple explanation of what each step is good for to see if it suits your needs.
I’ve even included some product recommendations. Check out the Beginner’s Guide for the foundation steps.
I cannot emphasise enough, YMMV. Though I’ve chosen popular products, it doesn’t mean that they’ll definitely work for you as well.

Not all recommendations are pictured. These are just pictures of what’s currently in my skincare closet, as an example of how varied it can be! Drop a note in the comments if there’s a product that’s caught your eye and you want to know what it is.

Product Recommendations and Further Information

  • Clay Mask
    Great for those with oily skin, or looking to clean out pores. I would recommend doing this only 1-2 times a week or you might end up with dry skin. On days I clay mask I always sheetmask with an extra hydrating mask.

    Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask – Does exactly what you want a clay mask to do. Minimises pore appearance, reduces oiliness and my skin feels soft afterwards.
    Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Clay Mask – Love this clay mask as I find it gentle, affordable and love the strawberry yoghurt scent.[Full review here]
    Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask – This is the mask you’ve probably seen all over Instagram and Facebook. It’s the bubble mask, goes on flat and bubbles up. I like the fizzy sensation as it bubbles but not everyone does. I don’t find it as effective as the Innisfree or Baviphat, but it is a lot of fun [Full Review Here]

  • Physical Exfoliator
    Clear away flakes and dirt. Be careful of over-exfoliating, I would recommend limiting this to 1-2 times a week to prevent over-exfoliation. As with clay masks, I always sheetmask on a scrub night.

    Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off – Skinfood are my favourite brand for their sugar scrubs! The strawberry is my top recommendation as it’s not too harsh and not too soft, it’s just right. Plus it smells of strawberries! For those wanting a stronger scrub go for the Black Sugar version, and for those wanting a lighter scrub go for the Rice version.

  • pH Adjusting Toner / Actives 
    Boost the power of actives with the pH adjusting toner. And help clear up spots/scars or brighten the skintone with actives.

    Vit C for brightening, BHA for blackheads and AHA for whiteheads/surface skin issues. In this order if you’ve reached the level where you have all three in your routine. Some people wait 15-20 minutes between each active step.
    Introduce these slowly, very slowly and one at a time. I cannot emphasise this enough! Nobody wants to have tight over-exfoliated skin.
    Vit C
    Melano CC Spot Treatment Essence – I personally use this in the serum step, but others do use it in the active step. Great for redness, has an oily texture and smells citrusy. [Full review here]
    OST C21.5 – A fan favourite which brightens the skin. Made of a less stable Vit C derivative so can oxidise, once oxidised far less effective
    Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid – Gently exfoliates reducing the appearance of blackheads and clearing up pores, but strongly scented.
    Mizon AHA 8% – Helps to clear up whiteheads and smoothen skin texture.
    CosRx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid – Gently exfoliates, similar offensive scent as the Blackhead Power Liquid

  • Essence/Serum/Ampoule
    Hydrating/Brightening/Soothing you name it, there’ll be a serum for it!
    These are great for all skin types to really narrow in on and solve your specific skincare concerns. I actually have 2-3 in my routine in Winter, because my skin needs the extra hydration.
    Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence – Hydrating and soothing. This is a fan favourite to get snail in your routine.
    Benton Snail Bee High-Content Essence – Good for those prone to redness and acne.
    LJH Tea Tree Essence – Lightly hydrating, great for redness and breakouts. I didn’t realise how much my skin benefitted from this until it was gone.
    Scinic Honey AIO – Smells of honey, calms redness and hydrating.This is a huge bottle, and will last you ages.Also comes in Snail and Water variants. These are thicker than most essences/serums as it’s an ampoule.

  • Sheetmask
    Like a superpowered essence! I love sheetmasks and am a daily masker. But you can choose to never mask, or mask only once a week! It’s all up to you and your personal needs/preferences

    Check out my “Sheetmasks – The Masterpost” for why I love them, and for recommendations.

  • Facial Oils
    Simply put, a heavier essence/serum. These are more hydrating than the essence/serum step and offer many benefits. A good additional step for the dry-skinned and dehydrated among us.

    Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence oil – For the glow. Slightly on the expensive side, but hydrating and adds a glow to your skin.
    Holy Snails Perseids Facial Oil – Heavy hitting hydrator and glow machine.

  • Sleeping Pack
    Lock in all the goodness of the previous steps with a sleeping pack.

    Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask – Affordable, hydrating and packed with niacinamide which is good for brightening skin.
    Too Cool for School Pumpkin Mask – Sinks in quickly, hydrating and easily available.
    Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack – Comes in three flavours, though I’ve not noticed a major difference between the three. Hydrating, smells of honey and made my skin plump in the morning. [Full review here]
    Cosrx Overnight Mask – Comes in Honey and Rice variants. Hydrating, sinks in quickly and affordable.

I’ve gone into even more product recommendations and in depth explanations of the purpose of each step “Asian Skincare Routine – The Why, the What and the When”. So do check that out if you’re still hungering for information and precise product recommendations. Or read some of my previous reviews! Check out the review tab at the top of the page for product reviews of each step.
These are just a few of the many products out there, one of the fun parts of Asian Beauty is researching and curating your own special skincare routine.

Hope that this has helped you out in the fun but confusing journey which is the Asian Beauty Routine.

Remember we are all special snowflakes! We are broadly similar, but each have our own unique differences. This is a broad guide which will work for most people. It is still worth doing the extra research to tailor it for yourself.



  1. Yay!! I’ve been looking into face oils but wasn’t sure what was good, so thank you for this! I’ve also been wanting to try a clay mask!!

    I love that you put some skinfood products, I love their black sugar scrub mask ^_^

    Great post!

  2. This is fascinating. I have never used these products, but would love to try them out 😀 It is interesting to see how many Asians take care of their skin. For me that have try it all almost, I havent tried this yet 😀 Got to try it 😀

  3. Wow thanks for the comprehensive list of things to try!! Is that Sailormoon sheet mask I see? I NEED THOSE

  4. I’ve wanted to try Korean skin care for the longest time but didn’t know where to start. I think I’ll start with some of these products! Thanks for sharing!

    Alicia Nicole xo

  5. i always do a double cleanse, it’s very beneficial for your skin xxx

  6. My God that was long list of products – I now want to try them all. I like the look of the clay mask especially. xx

  7. Hi! Do you ever use the Melano CC together with AHA and BHA in one routine or do you use them on alternate routine? I have an unopened tube of Melano CC but am still confused on how to use it, specially with acids involved..

  8. Great article! I love Mizon night masks! I also use Black Snail cream.

  9. Oh my gosh, this is an awesomely helpful overview of the Asian beauty skincare routine! Seeing all those intriguing products I haven’t tried yet is also seriously dangerous for my wallet, xD.

  10. I need to try out a few of these products!
    xoxo, M |

  11. Hi! I have oily acne prone skin and live in Asia. We only have 2 climates, Hot/Summer Days and Humid/Rainy Days. I would like to seek your advise on how to go about with a skincare regimen targeted for acne, oily skin, large pores and hyperpigmentation.
    I wan’t to use the following: Is this correct and how often?
    Heimish Cleansing Balm – Day&Night
    CosRx Good Morning Cleanser – Day&Night
    CosRx One Step Pimple Clear Pad – 3x Daily
    CosRx AHA/BHA Toner – Nightly
    Klairs Supple Preparation Toner – Nightly
    CosRx AHA Whitehead Liquid -Sun&Wed Night
    CosRx BHA Blackhead Liquid -Sun&Wed Night
    CosRx Snail Essence – Nightly
    Klairs Vitamin C Serum – Nightly
    CosRx Centella Blemish Cream as Spot Treatment -Nightly
    CosRx Birch Sap Moisturizer / Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel – Day&Night
    *I still don’t have a sunscreen and Sleeping Mask (Do you have any recommendations?)

    and When do I use my Innisfree Super Volcanic Mousse and Face Masks? I also have some Hada Labo Lotion and Milk that maybe I can use?

    Also! How do I know if my skin is purging or not? (I think it’s from the Innisfree Super Volcanic Mousse). I keep reading blogs and articles about it but I can’t seem to pinpoint what mine is. I usually have comedones and pimples in my forehead but then when I started to have regular facials it lessened significantly. However, when I used the Innisfree clay mousse I developed tiny bumps in my forehead that eventually became acne and they’ve been there ever since. 🙁

    I really need your advice. Thanks a loooooot!

    • Hi, I hope you enjoyed reading this. I don’t offer personalised skincare routine advice. It’s worth asking this on the R/Asianbeauty forum in their daily questions thread.

  12. Thanks for sharing this information. I would love to add some of these techniques to my skincare regimen.

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  14. Your blog is so adorable. Thank you for sharing that beautiful illustration of the skincare step by step routine.

    xx Veronika

  15. Hi, I am overhauling my skincare routine, and I am on a couple prescriptions for my adult acne. Where do these fall in the routine? I am on a retinoid (Retin-A Micro) in the evenings and Benzoyl peroxide / Clindamycin (Onexton) in the morning.

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