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Maskophy – Bliss Spa Pouch Review

I love my sheetmasks, you can find out why here:All About Sheetmasks, and I love receiving gifts. So a sheetmask subscription box is almost my match made in heaven.
One of my favourite subscription discoveries in the past was Mask Genie, who is based in Hong Kong. She sent brands which I knew less about, and shipping was included in the price so no nasty surprises when I clicked check out.

Mask Genie recently rebranded to Maskophy, and I purchased their March Pouch. The great thing about Maskophy is that you make single purchases. Which means you won’t have to worry about cancelling a subscription. Though it also does mean there’s no discount for multiple months of purchase.
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Price (Worldwide Shipping Included) $22.50
Date Received– 9th March

I purchased the Bliss Spa #1 pouch.

So this came in a brown package envelope, with a Maskophy stamp on the back. Inside the padded envelope was a blue drawstring bag filled with the sheetmasks!
None of the masks were damaged, although the larger ones were slightly bent around the top.
Now the important part, what masks were in the pouch. One disappointing part was that there was no description card. One of the joys of the subscription box world is that someone curates a special box for you. I rely on description cards to get an understanding of what’s included. In the future I’d like to see this included, or at least an email with what masks there are.

Itibiti Yogurt Mask Pack – $1 Buy Here

Doesn’t this remind you of Yakult? I love Yakult and have been seeing this mask all over Instagram, so legit squealed when I saw this in the pouch. This was one of the masks I tried, in fact that very evening I put this sheetmask on. It has a slight fruit scent, plenty of essence for a 30 minute wear and decent fit. It contains Lactobacillus (the bacteria element) as well as green tea and aloe vera. Enjoyed the novelty of this sheetmask packaging and was an okay sheetmask to wear.

SNP Jelly Vita Brightening Toning Mask – $3 Buy Here

This apparently is a jelly mask, not your usual sheetmask type. I love the sound of a jelly mask, wondering if it’s hydrogel in nature. This contains Vitamin C and is good for brightening. SNP is a brand I’m more familiar with through their character sheetmasks. So interested to see how this “jelly” mask plays out.

Daycell Redna Dual Effect Eyezone Pack – $2.50 Buy Here

This is a hydrogel for the undereye area. I do like my eye hydrogels and this is from a brand I haven’t heard of before. So bonus points for introducing me to a new brand! And I like the fact that not all the masks were simple sheetmasks. Contains Niacinamide, so I’m hopeful for the brightening prospect.

Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask EX – $17.09 for 10 Buy Here

Naruko is a familiar brand to me, in as much it’s really exploded in the last year or so. I’ve known this brand to have decent quality sheetmasks, so this is a welcome addition to the pouch. The simple packaging is so unlike other sheetmasks which attract with pretty/clever/colourful styles.

Merbliss Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Coating Nude Seal Mask – $11.54 for 10 Buy Here

This mask contains pearl powder and caviar, already making me feel luxe for using it. But it also is a thinner material, which promises a “nude” look. I.e. you’ll not even be able to tell you’re wearing a sheetmask. Bold claims indeed, and I hope it lives up to it. This is a brightening and hydration mask.

Dr.Althea Herb Therapy Velvet Mask – $2.83 Buy Here

This mask contains green tea, calendula and chamomile. An amazing trio of soothing ingredients, and when I tried it out it truly was soothing. It’s also in a giant package which just innately made me happy to see, though I know you shouldn’t judge a mask on its packet. I really did like this mask though. It fit well, hydrated and my skin was less red after wearing this. Definitely worth it’s pricier price tag.

W.Lab Water Beam Mask – $1.81 Buy Here

Super hydrating ingredients of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and sea water this lives up to it’s name. I’ve never actually tried a product by W.Lab, though I do find the grumpy girl packaging amusing. So this will be my first product from this brand! (That I remember).

Fresh Nation B5 Hydropower Complex Essence Mask – ?

I could not find an English review of this mask, or available in my usual online stores, so this mask will remain a mystery to me until I try it on! As you could probably tell from the packaging this is a hydrating mask, so going to save this for a dry skin day.

Final Thoughts

Final tally:

  • 1x Soothing
  • 4x Brightening
  • 2x Hydrating
  • 1x Mixed

This is a good variety of mask types, though I’d have liked to see an acne combatting type of mask. But as someone with acne-prone skin I am bias towards this.

If I bought all these masks individually it would come to a total of $16, (attributing a fair value of $2 to the mystery fresh nation mask). So this is under the cost of the pouch. However purchasing these masks individually doesn’t cover the shipping, or the hassle of buying from multiple stores. Taking the price of the pouch minus the individual mask value puts a value of $6 for the curation of this pouch. This I believe is fair as I got to discover different brands, mask types and had fun unpacking this pouch.

I really enjoyed unpouching this Bliss Spa Pouch from Maskophy. I think it’s a good pouch for veterans and beginners alike as it has unusual and hard to get brands within. Though might cause annoyance if you fall in love with a mask and find it hard to purchase afterwards!


  1. I lI’ve sheet masks .Hassle free and quick.Lived the idea of a subscription box for it .Super idea and fantastic review

  2. I love masks like these! My skin always feel soft and plump after using one!

  3. The mask looks great and great way to rejuvenate the skin.

  4. This looks like a great subscription to receive. The Itibiti Yogurt Mask does look like a Yakult 🙂 I really need to get some masks, it’s been a long time.

  5. Oh, this is so nice. So many masks to choose from. For me masks really helps me relax and I can feel that it soothes under my skin.

  6. I should get me one of these mask. My face needs some pampering. I’ll check this product out. Thanks for sharing

  7. Ooohhhh momma want some mask. Girl, i love mask too, definitely checking this out!

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