[Pink Bird] – Etude House March Unboxing

Woo Spring is here and I’m loving that the sun has come back into my life. And the Etude House March box came in and added to the cheer!

Etude House March Unboxing

Air Therapy Sheetmasks

Included in the box were three varieties of the Air Therapy sheetmasks from Etude House. I wasn’t expecting to see these in here, so it was a wonderful surprise. These masks from Etude House are a great staple mask for beginners and veterans alike. They have a thin cotton fit, are soaked in essence which slightly drips so I spread onto my decolletage and I get a wear of about 25 minutes in general with these. If you’re a daily masker like me, or new to the concept these are also very affordable so you can try them out without investing too much. The three types I received are the Hyaluronic (hydrating), Tea Tree (anti-acne) and Strawberry (brightening/soothing).

Soon Jung

Etude House have come out with a new skincare line, Soon Jung. Soon Jung means pure love and is designed to protect you against fine dust and pollution. Given the increased air pollution in London this could not have come at a better time. I was sent a trial kit which included four from this line:

SOON JUNG Relief Toner This has a watery texture, no scent and is very hydrating. When I say watery I mean exactly like water, I would advise using a cotton pad with this for easier application. It absorbs very quickly and I’d suggest it would be good for those with sensitive skin and most skin types. I’ve lost my pH strips, but it advertises as pH 5.5 on the bottle.
SOON JUNG Moist EmulsionThis is a light emulsion, again I couldn’t detect a scent with this. I really liked this trial emulsion, it was light but hydrating. I loved how light it was which meant it was easy to layer with other moisturisers afterwards, even on my oily skin.
SOON JUNG Barrier Intensive Cream Wasn’t the biggest fan of this one. It also had no scent but was heavier on my skin and it felt like it left a slight sticky texture on my skin.
SOON JUNG Cica Balm The final and last layer in this trial skincare kit. This contains Panthenol and Madecasone, to help soothe irritated skin. I liked this, though am surprised that Etude House recommended it be used in the last step. It was thinner than the intensive cream, and didn’t leave a heavy sticky texture.

I’ve only tried this kit a few times, but my first impression is very positive. I think it’s a good basic beginner kit for those who don’t want to invest too much in their skincare.

Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk

Etude House has released 20 different cases which you can customise as you wish. Now this immediately appealed to the collector in me, and I’m having to greatly resist temptation to buy them all. The three I received were Matchstick, With Love and Love Flamingo. Love Flamingo is the main case and I can see why. I love the pink case and the cute flamingos on it. These cases you can also play with and mix and match the lids to bottoms. The refillable lip stick colours were very easy to slip into the cases, but once in were firm enough to use without worrying about them slipping out.

The three colours that I received are, BR402 “Bohemian Rosy Brown”, PK003 “Romantic Frill Pink” and RD302 “Swag Red”. This is the first time that I’ve tried the lip tints from Etude House, and I wish I had discovered them sooner. They’re very creamy and easy to apply on the lips. I don’t need to apply balm afterwards as they’re already glossy and they last about 4-5 hours in wear. They do transfer though, so when I drank my tea there was a lipstain mark. And after 20 minutes of wear, and a coffee, I kissed my hand and that also left a mark. But even after that I still had full colour on my lips! I was able to use make-up remover to get the swatches off of my arm. I tried an oil cleanser as well and that worked as well.

Bohemian is in Matchstick, Romantic Frill Pink is in Love Flamingo and Swag Red is in With Love. 

This was my favourite box that I’ve received so far from Etude House. The colours that I received are ones that I’ve been wearing daily, and I like to use. Bohemian Rosy Brown in particular has become a favourite of mine.

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  1. Those lip tints! I haven’t tried anything from Etude House yet but these may just be my first purchase.

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