[Mask Raider] – March Sheetmask Box Unboxing

Mask Mondays is back and I bring you another sheetmask subscription box review.

This one was kindly sent to me by Mask Raider, and is the March box. There was also the sweetest letter inside addressed to me which really made my evening.

Mask Raider – March Box Unboxing and Review 



It costs $29.90 for a one off, $28.90 per month for 3 months and $26.90 per month for 6 months.With a flat shipping rate of $7.
Features mostly Korean masks with Taiwanese and Japanese additions. And also includes the Mask Raider data sheets, which are the best I’ve seen for any subscription box.
I’ll share a couple of the Mask Raider data sheets, to give an idea of what to expect. These are truly excellent. They have an ingredient list with Cosdna analysis, advice for what type of mask it is and it’s on glossy card. These are the real added value for the box. I’ll be upfront and say that you can buy these masks for cheaper elsewhere, but the value in this box is the data sheets that come with it.

Naruko Snail Essence Intense Hydro Repair Mask
$21 (all inclusive) for 10 Buy Here

One of the Data Sheet Masks

This has been all over my Instagram feed, with a lot of positive reviews, so I was really happy to see it in my box.
It comes with a plastic backing, which makes it easier to unfold and keep it’s shape. Important because this mask has a slippery texture, reminiscent of snail goo. It almost slipped out of my hands in fact! However despite this it didn’t drip down my neck, and remained moist for 25 minutes. My skin looked plump, happy and less red than it did before use.
I can see why it has so much love on Instagram.


SNP Charcoal Mineral Black Ampoule Mask – $1.13 Buy Here

This is a black sheetmask, which contains 30% charcoal for purifying. Looking at the ingredients list this looks to be a typical sheetmask beyond the charcoal effect. Though given charcoal is it’s main selling point I may be being unfair here. I have had good experiences in the past with other SNP masks, so hopefully this will live up to that.

Leaders Step Solution Shining Effect Anti Wrinkle Pearl Mask – $1.49 Buy Here

I love Leaders masks! They’re great quality and so far I’ve not had a dud experience with them yet. This is the first I’ve seen of the Pearl variety though. As with most pearl based masks it promises brightening and hydration. It also doesn’t contain ethanol or parabens for those concerned with these ingredients. I quite like the simple, but shiny packaging as well. Stands out in my collection.

7 Days Mask Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask – $23.05 for 10 Buy Here

Forgive my K-Pop fans, but I have no clue who this person is on the packaging. Googling tells me it’s someone called Song Joong Ki, but you’re going to have to enlighten me in the comments. This mask is made of silk, and it did feel luxurious while I was wearing it. It also contains propolis, volcanic ash and albumin for purity and brightening. My skin did feel hydrated and less red after wearing this sheetmask. It had a 30 minute wear for me, and was still moist when I took it off. It wasn’t above average for me though, but for people who can only wear masks that they can’t feel when on, this is for you.

PACKage Float Me Softly Blackhead Nose Pack – $20 for the Set Buy Here
[Use my Coupon AC2H6CEOLFXG5 for 8% off]

PACK-age is a brand which has taken over my Instagram recently, but only very recently. I do love their simply designed packaging, and the masks themselves are made of tencel, which is super thin.
The nose strip was welcomed by me, as I suffer from strawberry nose syndrome. It’s heavily soaked and actually stung me a little while wearing. This I expected as it’s essentially a chemical exfoliator in sheetmask form. I only wore this for 10 minutes, though I imagine you could get a 15 minute wear from this. I then used a pore strip (I do this once every two weeks to minimise damage), and was amazed. It was so grossly satisfying to pull the strip off and see it covered in sebaceous filaments and blackhead clogs. I need more of this strip in my life.
I could only find this as a set online to buy, but would recommend the set as you’ll want to hydrate post exfoliation.

Mediheal Line Friends PDF AC Dressing Ampoule Mask – $16.97 for 10 Buy Here

I saved the cutest mask for last! This is from the Mediheal collaboration with Line, and is surprisingly one of the collab masks I’m yet to try.
This sheetmask promises rapid relief for troubled skin, which is exactly how I’d describe my skin right now! From memory these masks have a good fit for me, and enough essence for a 25 minute wear. They’re a great brand for beginners and veterans, with solid results.

Final Thoughts

Final Tally

  • 1 x Hydrating/Soothing
  • 1 x Anti-Wrinkle
  • 2 x Purifying
  • 1 x Troubled Skin
  • 1 x Exfoliating

 There were 6 good masks in this box, and all of a good quality brand which was fantastic. I liked that they were all different brands and there was one which wasn’t a traditional sheetmask.
The value of the box if I bought these masks separately would be around $11, presuming you went to the different online stores and spent the time finding them. As I stated in the beginning of my post the real value comes in the curation, and more importantly the data sheets.
I love the data sheets. As someone who is a self-declared nerd, these were a gift to me. Out of all the sheetmask subscriptions I’ve tried this year this has been the one which has really showed the value in information.
Do I think the data sheets are worth $17? Probably not if I’m perfectly honest. But this is also from someone who enjoys doing the research behind products as well.
I think this is a great gift box for someone who is new to sheetmasks, as there is variety in the brands and types of mask included. The data sheet is also incredibly useful for someone new, who is still overwhelmed by all the information out there.
I have enjoyed this month’s box, so thank you again Mask Raider for sending it to me.

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