[AB Snail Mail] – Christmas Exchange 2017

Christmas AB Snail Mail Exchange

What better way to start my October blogging than with the launch of the Christmas ABSnailMail exchange!
I recently organised an ABSnailMail, in September, to coincide with the #MaskMadness Challenge, and got so many mails after from interested parties I thought it would be a great idea to host a Christmas one.
You can see all the great gifts that were sent on the #ABSnailMail hashtag. I loved seeing what everyone sent, and the connections created through the exchange. Another reminder of how great this community can be.

So what is the ABSnailMail Gift Exchange?

Some September Mask Posts

It’s a Secret Santa style sheetmask exchange between members of the AB community.
Every gift package is a minimum of 6 sheetmasks, but you can be more generous with your gift if you wish. Please check the expiry date. No one wants to receive a gift that they cannot use
You can choose to ship domestically or internationally in the sign up sheet.
Only those with an active Public Instagram account can take part in the exchange for now. This is to help add a degree of accountability.

In the style of Secret Santa matches are secret, but I’d suggest including a note in the package you send revealing your identity so your giftee can thank you. I will not be revealing matches. If your match chooses to remain anonymous then that is their choice which I’ll respect.
If you forget to include a note then feel free to get in contact with your match revealing yourself!

There are a few rules involved if you want to take part. This is to help protect everyone in the exchange, the best I can. Anyone who breaks these rules will be banned from future exchanges and named in the community.
If you know of any serial swaplifting offenders please let me know in advance.
Also please be aware of your own country’s shipping/custom times. I am one person and cannot be expected to know every regional nuance. If you know shipping takes 3 weeks, do ship well before the deadline.

I’ll be helping to facilitate the swaps, but MapleTreeBlog is not responsible for loss packages or participants behaviour. This is an honour system, so does require a degree of trust.

By signing up to this exchange you commit to take part and follow these rules.

Rules and Timelines

1) Must agree to stick to the deadlines outlined below
Must have Public and Active Instagram Account
3) Minimum 6 Sheetmasks to be included in the gift. No expired masks.

4) Send proof of confirmation of posting to AB.SnailMail17@gmail.com
5) Share your received gift with the community using #ABSnailMail on Instagram
6) Any breakers of rules will be banned from future exchanges and community warned

1) Sign Ups Close October 31st
2) Matches Sent by November 5th
3) Sending Deadline November 19th – Reminder Send Confirmation to AB.SnailMail17@Gmail.com

More From the September Exchange

Sign up here, you can edit your responses until the 31st. Christmas AB Snail Mail

Happy sheetmasking, and if you have any further questions please email AB.SnailMail17@gmail.com.
I do try to respond within 3 days of receiving emails, but if it’s an urgent query send me a DM on Instagram.


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