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Starting a new series on the blog, shopping experience!

I’ve previously blogged on DJ Japan, a Japanese buying service, and almost two years ago with this round up Online Stores Review. But now I’m going to try and more regularly review whenever I buy from stores. To give you readers an insight into shipping times, experience and general customer service.

Due to wallet constraints this won’t be a regular series, as I’ll be limited by when I can afford to make purchases. But I hope this will be helpful to you! Let me know in the comments what other facts you’d like to know.

Be Mused Korea

This is a pretty new store to me, and a new store in general which is based in South Korea.
I discovered it when I was looking for the new A. By Bom Ultra Night Leaf sheetmasks. A. By Bom is a brand I’ve reviewed here: and I love their sheetmasks as a special treat. I’ll be honest, the tagline and name itself had me bemused. Wondering if this is a case of mis-translation/interpretation. I am guessing the inspiration came from the Greek muses, the goddesses for artistic/scientific inspiration. But the definition of bemused is to be confused/bewildered, and mused itself means to consider thoughtfully. A minor point really as it doesn’t impact my shopping experience.

Brands and Products

The store itself has a small number of brands available, but these are brands which I find difficult to source in other stores. And I like that it’s more specialised, it gives me the feeling that the owners truly do curate for the store and have tried the products themselves. I’ve actually only tried three of the brands available. I would put all these brands in the mid-range category, as they’re pricier than road shop brands like Etude House but not at Sulwhasoo levels.

If you’ve tried any of these brands I’d love to know about it in the comments. Always ready to explore new things! And the items I’ve tried from A. By Bom and AtoClassic I have loved.
There’s not a large number of products from each brand available currently, but I expect as time goes on they’ll be adding to the inventory.

The brands available are

  • A.By Bom
  • AtoClassic
  • Corcell
  • Earth’s Recipe
  • Masitha Shop
  • Merbliss
  • OneOSeven


The website is very easy to navigate, and to view the products by brand or type. To me filtering is very important as is clear photos and descriptions of the products. They score a 5/5 from me on both these aspects. It’s a clean design, with very little distractions.


I found the prices fair on the website, these are not the cheapest brands and the prices charged looked inline with other stores.

They ship worldwide and offer K-Packet shipping on orders >$60 and free EMS shipping on orders >$120. There’s this very handy chart on their website which shows how much each country costs in terms of shipping and when you can expect the package.
Be Mused Korea Shipping Chart

I took advantage of their launch offer of free EMS packaging on orders >$50. I put my order through on the 17th September and I got my package on the 22nd September. I did not have to pay customs, as the value was marked down on the package. But Be Mused do make clear that the customer is responsible for potential custom charges in their FAQs.


My parcel arrived in a sturdy cardboard box and packed with bubble wrap. None of my items were damaged and were nicely wrapped up. I also received a lovely sample of Earth’s Recipe products, which I was very pleased with. The Earth Recipe samples are of a great size for trying out the products and also nicely packaged in bubble wrap.


Generous Sample Inclusion

 Overall I was very happy with my shopping experience at Be Mused Korea. It had an easy to navigate webfront and a clean design. Prices were fair and shipping was super quick, though I had been lucky enough to take advantage of the free EMS shipping. K-Packet would probably take longer to ship. Given the price of the brands I think the bands to hit free shipping are fair, and very easily achievable!

This is definitely a store I’ll add to my list of trusted and fair sellers.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing more of BeMused. Great review

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