About Me



Hello there!

I see you’ve stumbled upon my about me page and want to learn more about the girl behind the blog.

Well my name is Sophie and I hail from the south of England, where I grew up in a seaside town. Currently I live in London with my best friend, who gallantly puts up with the many beauty packages which arrive at our home, and the beauty photo shoots I put on in the lounge.

I’m always reading up on the latest beauty trends both in the Western and Eastern world. Keeping up with them, however, is slightly more of a challenge!
My mixed heritage has always been a big part of my life, from a love of natto (seriously delicious and yummy) to an incessant urge to form queues.

What else can I tell you about me?
Well food is a great love of mine, especially the sweet kind. I’ll travel halfway across London for the perfect slice of cake. When I’m not eating you can usually find me curled up reading a book or catching up on the latest post on the many blogs I follow. I studied history at University and am still a historian at heart, so enjoy researching all my posts! But also have a tendency to waffle on if I’m not careful. So I better end it here!

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