[April Skin] – Magic Stone Review

Review of the April Skin Magic Stone Cleanser

This is a brand which has been making waves in the Korean sphere of Asian Beauty,  but little talked about in the International scene.  April Skin has just started shipping internationally, and when BB Cosmetics got in touch and asked if I wanted to review this, I couldn’t resist.

This is my second solid foam cleanser, my first is the beloved Su:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing stick. I had high hopes for this product given the popularity in Korea. But did it live up to its hype? 

April Skin Magic Stone

April Skin Magic Stone

There are two types of Magic Stone, Original and Black. The Black is suggested to be used in the day, and the original at night.


Image from April Skin (spelling error theirs)


Brand Statement

“Three Principals of April Skin

  1. Hypoallergenic: We use absolutely no harmful ingredients
  2. Skin rejuvenation: We make products that revitalizes your skin
  3. Carefully selected ingredients: We only provide products that passed complex inspections

Bare faced soap Magic Stone is a hard soap that does NOT soften even when it is soaked in water. It helps to deep cleanse with an abundant amount of foam generated from ingredients such as toreumallin and E.M. fermented broth. It is a 100% handmade soap that can not only be used for removing makeup, but also for kids with sensitive skin or someone who is sensitive to scent.”


I sadly can’t read Korean, or find a full list of ingredients but below are the key ones:

Vegetable oils (Coconut, Olive, Palm, Sunflower Seed, Grape Seed, Shea Butter)

Star Ingredients:
Shea  Butter – Nourishing for the Skin
Sunflower Seed Oil – Rich source of fatty acids which the skin loves! Also reduces inflammation.
Coconut Oil – Also a rich source of fatty acids for the skin.

Where to Buy

BB Cosmetic – $19.35 for both Buy Here (10% off with this code R9CQBX0KI8EGJ , affiliate code)

Korea Depart – $6 for Original Buy Here

April Skin  – $14.99 for Original Buy Here



Simple packaging, inside a packet inside a box. Once unwrapped I kept mine on my bathroom shelf.

 Product & Scent

pH of April Skin Magic Stone

pH of April Skin Magic Stone

 This has a relatively high pH of approx 8. But for the sake of you readers I decided to venture forth and continue to try this product! It has a light herbal scent which isn’t unpleasant, but is always there not just when foaming. This doesn’t foam up as much as I like my usual cleansers too. There’s just a light smattering of bubbles. However when I use my foam net I get a decent whip.

April Skin Magic Stone Foam

With Foaming Net

April Skin Magic Stone Foam

Without Foaming Net

Directions of Use



Step 1: Wet the Magic Stone and foam up. I use a foaming net for more foam.

Step 2: Gently massage your face with the foam.

Step 3: Rinse off with water.

(April Skin Pictorial Steps)

It’s pretty effective at removing make up. Below is the progress on my hand!

13446265_10208688404860259_827800138_o 13441822_10208688404660254_1093775713_o 13446312_10208688404700255_996089227_o 


I tried this bar for about 5 days before giving up and going back to my old routine.

My first negative is that as a bar of soap it’s harder to foam this cleanser up, unless you use a foaming net. My second negative, and this is a big one, is that it dried my skin out and made me break out. It took me about two weeks to get my skin back to healthy enough levels that I was happy with, pushing back my testing/review process.

It was effective at removing make up, and did make my skin feel clean. But it was the tight type of clean which I associate with my skin being stripped.


+Effective at Cleansing



-Broke Me Out


-High pH

-Hard to Use

-Little Foam without Effort


Final Thoughts

I’m still interested in the brand as a whole, but this is not the product for me.

This has appeared on Korean Talk Shows, Youtube Vloggers and all over Instagram with celebrity endorsements. From the rave reviews online I had high hopes for this, but was left sadly disappointed. It’s my first proper negative reaction to a cleanser which makes me very sad. I also think the abundance of celebrity endorsements was paid rather than organic.
I was going to try the charcoal stone, but when I saw Sulfur as an ingredient alarm bells did start to ring. Sulfur is drying and high in pH. So I’ve kept this unpacked for now until I can think of what to do with it.

I’ve re-purposed this as a bath soap, and it does do a great job of making my body feel clean. I think it’s also helped with some of my bacne so that’s a bonus.

For those who’s faces do well with high pH cleansers maybe this is a good choice. But I can’t recommend it in good faith.



  1. Thanks for the nice and honest review. I love soap bar cleansers but usually they tend to be drying…that means no option for my dry skin. I like though how effectively it removed the makeup.

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  3. Hi I tried this and my skin break out like never before..I think I will repurpose it to bath soap instead..it is very dry and does not work well for my skin too.. Thanks for your review.

  4. Hi Ive been using this for several months, and it worked wonders on my skin. I used to have lots of acne. Now i have absolutely none! Perhaps its for oily skin only since i feel like my skin isnt as oily as it used to be.

  5. My skin broke out after 4 days usages 🙁

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