[Unboxing] – EOpen Market Lucky Box Summer’16

Summer is here, which means it’s a new season for the EOpen Market Lucky Box!

This is one of my favourite one-off box purchases in Asian Beauty, because it’s a relatively cheap box ($8.80) for approx 50 AB samples. Samples are great as it gives me the opportunity of trying lots of new products without filling up my cupboards with bottles and boxes. Also the EOpen Lucky Box tends to have a number of different brands and product types.

I’ve reviewed the Winter ’16 (Read here) and Autumn ’15 (Read here) Lucky Boxes, and my theory is there’s a new set of samples each month! So if you purchase the lucky box soon, you’re likely to get a similar batch of samples. Do let me know if you purchase the box and get different ones, would love to test the theory.

So onto the box!

I got 45 samples altogether from 10 brands, which includes 2 sheetmasks. So I was pretty happy with my selection. 


  • 6x Snail Bee High Content Lotion
  • 3x Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel


  • 2x Royal Honey Emulsion
  • 1x Gold Caviar Emulsion


  • 4x Original Skin Energy Peptide 500


  • 3x Vitaliser Laser and BB Cream
  • 7x Blemish Recover Balm

13901708_10209124524282972_288407630_oEtude House

  • 3x Collagen Moistfull Cream


  • 2x Orchard Cream Set
  • 2x Eco Safety Aqua Perfect Sun Gel
  • 1x Jeju Sparkling Mineral Duo Kit
  • 1x Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Cream
  • 2x Green Tea Seed Serum

13950874_10209124533243196_1988246654_oDr Jart + & It’s Skin & Elishacoy

  • 1x V7 Toning Light
  • 1x Premium Gold BB Cream
  • 1x UV Away Perfect Sun Block

13950911_10209124523362949_711466806_oNature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet

  • 1x Royal Jelly
  • 1x Rose

13987307_10209124536163269_1084710537_oSo that’s the entire glorious collection of what I got. I’m really glad that this time there were very few BB creams, and far more varied skincare products.
If you’re interested in purchasing you can do so here: (EOpen Market). I’m already buying a couple more for gifts at Christmas, I think samples would make perfect stocking fillers, and these are some well known brands and great products. This package took 2 weeks to arrive, and came in a clear plastic bag, with additional samples on top!




  1. Wow those are a lot of samples. The Dr Jart+ ones look really enticing.​

    ​​​H​ow to start a fashion blog

  2. Looks like you got lots of awesome Korean brands! Any standout products out of all these samples? I’ll have to bookmark this shop.

    Kimba | DenAndSky.com

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