[First Impressions] – TonyMoly Naturalth Goat Milk Premium Cream & Secret Key Snow White Premium Toning Cream

Every season or so I like to arrange a meet up with my fellow UK AB enthusiasts. (Read about the past meet ups with Whamisa and Inspire me Korea). This time I reached out to Korean online store BB Cosmetic to see if they’d like to get involved. Happily they were also enthusiastic about partnering with me to bring some samples to the meetup!
You can find out more about BB Cosmetic at their website:
Shop Here: BB Cosmetic
Discount Code: R9CQBX0KI8EGJ for 10% off all orders

So now onto the exciting part! The products themselves. I’ve tested these products for only 3-4 days, so these are my first impressions only. As always YMMV, so what works for one person may cause tears for another. I’ll be bringing both of these to the meet up, decanted into some travel-sized pots.


TonyMoly Naturalth Goat Milk Premium Cream



 Star Ingredients:
Goat Milk – 50% Goat Milk, TonyMoly don’t skimp on their star ingredient. Goat milk contains fatty acids and lactic acid, which is a form of AHA.
Niacinamide – Much loved for it’s brightening powers, niacinamide makes an appearance in this moisturising cream.
Shea Butter – Creamy, buttery and moisturising. This is a great ingredient for those who want to nourish their skin, as it contains fatty acids and vitamins.


This is a very heavy duty glass container, as you can see in the pictures. I quite like the stylish toned down packaging, which is in contrast to their usual fun playful style. The spatula is a nice touch for those who are worried about hygiene. Although as it’s loose it’s quite easy to misplace. The toner in this line actually comes in packaging which looks like a milk bottle!

Product & Scent:
The product itself is a creamy gel. I found that this spread nicely and a little bit of product went a long way! It does leave a sheen on top, and takes a while to sink in. Which leads me to believe this would be a good last step as an occulisive.
I didn’t find that it had a strong discernible scent, although earlier editions, according to online reviews, did.




After rubbing in for 30 seconds












First Impression:
This line was first released back in March of 2015, but it’s the first that I’ve properly come across this. The primary selling point is that this uses goat milk from New Zealand as the main ingredient. And although it’s not quite the donkey’s milk that Cleopatra bathed in, this ingredient is certainly not to be forgotten. The great thing about goat’s milk is that it contains essential fatty acids for the skin and lactic acid which is a gentle AHA that exfoliates. Although with this product the essential fatty acids are the more interesting aspect given it’s a moisturiser. This product also contains shea butter, which I love as a creamy moisturising ingredient, it always leaves my skin feeling soft.
This is really a heavy duty cream, very moisturising but took a while to sink into my skin. Once it did my skin did feel softer and I haven’t had any issues of breakouts. I would reiterate that this is a more heavy creamy moisturiser, so would recommend it for winter rather than summer. Although my dry skinned friends may enjoy using it now.14123598_10209285623390349_523568794_o

Where to Buy:
Korea Depart – $25.66 Buy Here
Beauty Net Korea – $22.30 Buy Here
RoseRose – $20.64 Buy Here

Secret Key The Premium Snow White Toning Cream


I am sadly unable to read Korean, and could not find a full ingredients list online.  But their marketing campaign states that there are 7 vegetable derivatives and niacinamide inside.

Star Ingredients:
Niacinamide – Present in this cream as well. This is a well known beneficial skin care ingredient. It can improve the skin’s elasticity and help even out skintone. Good for those looking to brighten their skintone.
Liquorice – Another great ingredient for brightening skin tone.
Arbutin – A third ingredient known for it’s brightening properties.
This product doesn’t skimp on the brightening ingredients, I wish I was able to source a full list of ingredients though to fully understand what I’m putting on my face.


This came with a spatula for application, though like the TonyMoly Goat Cream it’s loose. I’d recommend people to store spatulas together for ease of finding. I like the packaging, its simple but also feels sturdy. It wouldn’t look out of place in most people’s bathrooms, and is small enough to not be an eyesore.

 Product & Scent:14138970_10209285600469776_283317175_oThis has a whipped texture and smells of orange citrus. On application you can see it does obviously make my skin look whiter. It wasn’t oily, but I have read that for dry skinned people it emphasised the dry spots on their face.
I did find it moisturising and after 5 days of usage my skin looked marginally brighter.


Before rubbing in


After rubbing in











First Impression:
This product can act as either a primer base or just on its own as a light touch. It contains 7 different types of brightening ingredients including Liquorice, Niacinamide and Vitamin C. It also contains something called platolwhite-c, which is their patented brightening ingredient. It is moisturising, and did play well with my foundation which is always a plus. I wasn’t a fan of the ghost effect if you accidentally used too much product, so I used this sparingly as a light primer base. I also enjoyed using it on it’s own, on good skin days, as it was light and hydrating.

Where to Buy:
BB Cosmetic – $14.50 Buy Here
Beauty Net Korea – $15.50 Buy Here
Amazon – $17.61 Buy Here


The meet up is on September 3rd at 12 in China Town. We’re having a Dim Sum lunch at Imperial China.
You can join the event here: Asian Beauty London Meet Up
Or if you’re from the UK but can’t make it, you can join the FB group: UK AB Lovers

BBCosmetic also sent me some other goodies, which weren’t really suitable for sharing. So I’m running a giveaway for my European followers! Check out my instagram to see how you can win some Etude House Sheetmasks, and Iope/Laneige samples.

Looking forward to meeting everyone there! And can’t wait to hear what you think of these two products.


  1. This was a nice review to read! I really did enjoy it! (Sometimes I just say that, I really mean it now, though lol)

  2. Oh no! Can’t make the meet up this time!
    Great review and post…especially the Tony Moly cream sounds interesting!

  3. I’m glad you mentioned the white cast it leaves if too much is used! All in all, it sounds good though and I might have to give it a go!

  4. You have an awesome blog! Thanks for sharing this post babe 🙂
    You can always find the best beauty products are korean! xx

  5. I’m so glad I found your blog! I love your writing style and how you described these creams so honestly. I added the TonyMoly to my Amazon cart!

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