[Yadah] – YadahxSonyunara All Day Cushion Review

Cushions have got to be one of my favourite ways of applying foundation. I love the photoshop finish they offer, and the ease of re-application during the day. They’re also lighter than foundation, so for those worried about clogging pores but still wanting coverage, this is the product for you!

I’m still a cushion novice, and only have a few brands in my collection, so I was super please when BBCosmetic got in touch asking if I wanted to review the YadahxSoyunara cushion. The answer was a definite yes!

So onto my review of the cushion, and my thoughts on if it’s one that should be a staple in the makeup closet.

Yadah x Sonyunara All Day Cushion Review SPF50+/PA+++

Brand Statement

Yadah protects your skin by producing hypoallergenic and low-chemical plant-derived skin care and makeup products.
Our product base is the powerfully anti-inflammatory and highly moisturizing organic eastern prickly pear(opuntia humifusa), added with organic lemon and orange water, sage, rosemary and other natural ingredients to minimize the use of chemical.

We produce premium natural products that keep even the sensitive skin healthy and safe from imitation.



One of the natural extracts Yadah include in most their products is the eastern prickly pear. Opuntia Humifusa is a hydrating, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredient, so great to see it in their make up products!

 They actually have a great ingredient summary page on their website, for the benefits from different natural ingredients: Yadah Cosmetics. 


I am loving the hot pink case that this comes in! It’s not the most elegant, compared to some cushion cases out there, but it’s fun! It’s a plastic case that feels like plastic but is decently sturdy. Would survive being dropped onto carpet, a boon for the clumsy me. It’s not going to survive being bashed around too much though.

Product & Scent

There’s 15g of product in here, which is the same as what’s in my Iope XP Air Cushion. From that I think this would last about 2 months of daily wear. It has a lovely creamy consistency which feels hydrating and has a light floral scent. This quickly dissipates but is there when you first apply.

As far as I can tell it only comes in the Light Beige #21 shade, which is great for my NC15 skin. But does mean for others you can’t use this cushion.


This cushion is great for layering, the creamy consistency is not too heavy and means you can adjust coverage as you see fit. It also covered my pores really well, which I was very impressed with. If over-applied though it will end up cakey and not the photoshop finish I want from cushions.

I also liked that it gave me a glow, without making me look oily. The Korean Brands do go for more dewy looks, compared to the matte looks in the Western world. But this is a nice in between result. It also dried well, it didn’t feel heavy on  my face at all. It was also soft to touch, and didn’t transfer onto my hands until I rubbed my face.

Before Application

After Application

I also have a dry chin currently, and I did find it accentuated once I did the second layer. And I always apply a moisturiser beforehand which would usually prevent this from happening with my foundations. So I’m not convinced by it’s moisturising claims. I used about 4 touches to the puff in the below. It is a slightly lighter colour than I’d like but I fix that with some bronzer.


This product promises all day, but it’s more like 6-8 hours for me. I put this cushion on in the morning around 6am, and by lunchtime it had turned into light coverage.
Altogether I think this is a fine cushion for the price. Would I fight my way through crowds for this cushion? No. Do I think it’s a great basic cushion for those on a budget, yes. If they came in darker colours I would be tempted to buy my younger sister one, as she only needs light coverage and would love the hot pink design. Unfortunately they only come in this one shade, but I’m happy to continue using this to finish.

Where to Buy

BBCostmetic $18.48 –Buy Here
[8% off anything at BBCosmetic with code AC2H6CEOLFXG5]
Amazon $23.10 – Buy Here


  1. Very interesting, I haven’t heard of this product. It looks like it worked well for you.

  2. It looks like a great product! I don’t usual use a cushion to apply my makeup, but I might need to give it a try!

  3. Good review. I love hearing about different brands and what works well or doesn’t. It’s good to know that the coverage turned to light coverage after a certain duration.

  4. This looks really interesting. I’d certainly give it a try. I like that there is a floral scent.

  5. I haven’t heard of this product before, but as a beauty blogger, I’m glad to learn about it! I’m also happy that it worked out for you.

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  6. Neat product! I especially like the way the cushion is made. Just slip your fingers through the loop in the back.

  7. This product looks very pigmented and has really good ingredients.

  8. Very interesting. Never heard about this product before. I’m definitely gonna check this out. Thank You for sharing this post.

  9. Very balanced review .I am a busy mom and need easy products to use. This looks great

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