[Yadah] – Anti-T Red Zero Spot Cream

Acne is a constant problem for me, the joys of acne prone skin, so I was really pleased to receive this Yadah Anti-T Red Zero Spot Cream from BB Cosmetic.
I have combination skin, and suffer from both whiteheads and blackheads. Though I feel this product is more geared towards whiteheads.
Onto the review!

Yadah Anti-T Red Zero Spot Cream Review

Brand Statement

“Spot Concentration treatment cream soothes the red spot. The spot treatment is based on 7 patented natural soothing ingredients and it absorbs the skins excess sebum with highly enriched plants extracts”


The list of ingredients is long, but all are rated low in terms of comedogenicity. Which should be expected given this product is to help soothe breakouts, not create them!
I liked that there were soothing ingredients such as Aloe and Centella and ones to combat redness such as Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (green tea).
Full ingredients list: http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_fd57263426.html


I really liked the way this product was packaged. It’s a simple pen like plastic container, which you squeeze a button on for a small amount of cream to be dispensed out the tip. The reason I like this is that this is what I call a pinpoint product. It’s not for the whole face, but for certain areas where I’m experiencing a breakout. While I didn’t use this directly on my face, dispensing instead onto a clean finger, it does allow for this if wanted.

Product & Scent

Pretty straightforward cream texture, which absorbed quickly. Although it did slightly tighten my skin when dried. Has a slight herbal scent, but this quickly went away post application.

Directions of Use

I used this on healing areas of breakouts, and post pimple eruption. For me this would be better titled as a blemish cream. It won’t stop the spots breaking out. But it massively helps in the healing process.


Love this product. As someone who breaks out often, one of my key fears is my skin being damaged post an acne-breakout. I always have a blemish cream in my arsenal, and this is a welcome addition. It helped to soothe my skin, I did notice less redness the day after and I definitely think it helped to speed up the healing process. I liked this product so much I purchased a back up for myself on BBCosmetic, although they were out of stock at the time.
I’d recommend this product for others who also have breakouts. It’s not very useful for those who don’t have breakouts or suffer from blackheads.

Where to Buy

BBCosmetic (currently sold out) here– use my coupon AC2H6CEOLFXG5 for 8% off.

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