[Maxclinic] – Neo-tingle Patch Roller Program

The second item I received from BNT was a derma rolling kit, or at least something similar to derma rolling. More accurately the Maxclinic Neo-tingle Patch Roller Program.
For those who are uninitiated, derma rolling is micro-needling and hit the beauty world by storm 2 years ago. It’s a handhold roller with lots of tiny needles/points in, which you roll over your face. 

Maxclinic Neo-tingle Patch Roller Program Review

What is Derma Rolling?

1) Faux traumatising the skin, so that collagen is sent to the surface to start repairing. Which helps to minimise the appearance of scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles etc. Any bump or crinkle in the skin really.
2) Creates holes in the skin which makes absorbing product more effective.
3) Physical exfoliation. Perhaps not surprising given you’re rolling tiny needles across your face.

When I saw this product I was filled with trepidation. I’ve been recommended derma rolling before for my scarring, but I’ve also got a low pain threshold.

Now we’ve established what exactly to expect, onto the review!

Product & Scent

So this came with four hyaluronic ampoules and four changes to the roller.
No real distinct scent, apart from a generic cream product one. I did like the feel of the ampoule though. It spread very easily and absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a film layer or making me feel sticky. It looks like a cream, but I would think of it as a lightweight lotion.


This is pretty sturdy packaging and the roller itself is well built. It comes with a little protector, and the heads had a nice click when I put them in and wouldn’t budge when I tried to dislodge. From what I could see on the internet it’s a pretty standard size. I did like the gold, it made it feel a bit more luxe, which for the price you’d hope for.
All the roller heads were individually packaged which is great for storing them hygienically.
The ampoules are in these smaller size bottles, which are do have screw lids implying I can re-use. But given there were four heads and four ampoules it seemed to imply one time use.

Directions of Use

First apply the ampoule gently onto your face. The idea is that you use one roller per time, rolling it across your face until the tips are blunt. You are then advised to discard the roller.This process will take 3-5 minutes according to the packaging.
The instructions were in English and very clear. So I’m pleased about that, especially as a first time derma roller user.


Ouch. I am not built for derma rolling! I first tried this on my hand, and it hurt. It hurt like I expected a roller of tiny needles to hurt. Though when I tried it on my face it didn’t hurt as much, I was able to use it once without flinching too much. But I’m very pain adverse, as most humans are, so I wasn’t keen to waste the rollers by giving it another try. I did use the ampoules though and liked them. Didn’t think they were anything special compared to my Hada Labo HA toner, Mizon Snail Recovery Gel though.
After the first session my skin did look nicely hydrated, and there was a noticeable difference between the time I used the derma roller and the time I didn’t. The real value in the product is the derma roller I feel, and you could use a different ampoule if you preferred to.
3-5 minutes of rolling though is a pain, it doesn’t sound like a long time but when you get past the first minute time really drags. I do admire people who have the tenacity to do this, but it’s not something I can see myself doing. I tried watching TV at the same time, but the tiny needles were too distracting.
I do have acne scarring on my cheeks, and derma rolling is one of the suggested methods to help speed up healing. I’m going to have to be brave in the future and try this again, but at this stage I’m going to stick to my AHA and Vitamin C. Which is a lot less hassle and far less painful!

I did only use this product to it’s full potential once, which means I’ve not given it as fair a shot as I usually do with products. But there’s also little point in continuing to use a product for the sake of it if it doesn’t bring you joy. Or at least not bring you pain! So for now my verdict is, probably more effective over long term use. But too much hassle and I’m too sensitive to handle for now.



  1. I love that dermarolling is an option that really works for people who have scarring, etc., but the concept has always freaked me out! Not sure I will ever try it, so thanks for sharing your experience. Did you experience any irritation, inflammation, or sensitivity after using the roller?

    • I didn’t really experience any inflammation or irritation. My skin was slightly red, but nothing abnormal for having been massaging it for 3 minutes or so with the roller. I’ve just got a low pain threshold it appears!

  2. So these are disposable rollers then?

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