[Pink Bird] – Etude House April Unboxing

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months since I became a Pink Bird! Time really is flying, and I’ve only got two more boxes to go. This month we got our boxes early! Which was a great surprise and I was eager to see what was inside this month’s box.

Etude House Pink Bird April Unboxing

Honey Cera Trial Kit

I was surprised and thrilled to see this included in my box, as it wasn’t in the promo materials email that I was sent. The Honey Cera line is one of the staples of the Etude House skincare collection, and is targeted to firm and moisturise the skin. I would say that this line is most suited towards dry and dehydrated skin types. The products are a little heavy for those with combination or oily skin.

The following are first impressions, as I’ve not had time to give them a proper review. I have combination, acne prone skin for reference.
Honey Cera Toner – This is a pale yellow toner, with a watery viscosity. I find that it’s gently and sinks quickly into my skin. Out of the four products I received this gave me the best first impression.
Honey Cera Emulsion – A lightweight emulsion which doesn’t leave me with a greasy feeling. There isn’t a honey scent to it, but I do get floral undertones. Would be fine for all skin types.
Honey Cera Eye Serum – Lighter than the emulsion, this is also gentle. Honestly I didn’t see any benefits other than hydration. And as I have dark circles under my eyes, I’ll not purchase the full size version.
Honey Cera Cream – This is a cream coloured cream, which is rather heavy. As someone with combo skin I did feel it sit on my oilier areas, though my dry cheeks lapped it up. Slightly sticky finish. It’s definitely better suited to those with dry/dehydrated skin.

Any Cushion All Day Perfect

You can never really have too many cushions, am I right? This is the latest offering from Etude House. I do like the cushion case design, it’s simple but cute and in a sturdy plastic case. It shuts firmly and I dropped it on my carpet a couple of times and it was fine.

The coverage was medium coverage, and felt a little thick. This isn’t a lightweight cushion by any means. It did have decent coverage though after one layer, and I felt comfortable just using that. It also had staying power, 6 hours later it was still covering my blemishes. This has a dewy finish to it, if you want a matte look you have to apply powder on top. I did also find that it was slightly pale on my face. I could have got the wrong colour, but from what I’ve seen it’s fashionable in Korea to be on the pale side, so it could be deliberate.
I did find though that using it on it’s own highlighted my pores, as it sunk into them. So though it covered blemishes, it was not so good at pore coverage.

It does come in 7 different shades though, which is great for a Korean brand. I wouldn’t say the darkest shade is very far on the colour spectrum, but it’s an improvement from the 3 shades offered by most.

Fix and Fix Primer

This box is almost the twin sister of my January one! In that box I received a primer cushion and BB Cream. In this one I have a Primer Cream and foundation cushion! I received the mint primer, which is designed for reddish skin. This is something I do need in my life, so I was looking forward to trying it out. It comes out mint green, but blends out to a pale white/green to counter the redness of the skin. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this on it’s own, as it’s quite a white pale. It does play nicely with the Any Cushion, there’s no pilling or patchiness. I believe wearing this under my cushion did help it to last more nicely for the time period. Meaning less patches and cakiness. It doesn’t smoothen my pores though, which is something I need in my life.

Super Slim Proof Liner

This is the new eyeliner release from Etude House! It comes in three different shades and two different styles. I received the Brown Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner and the Black Super Slim Brush Liner. Both of these are nicely pigmented and have decent staying power. They were no match for my oily lids though, and I had to use the primer first and some powder to give them a boost.
Between the two I prefer the brush, I find that brush liners have better pigmentation and I can get a perfect flick. The pencil I did have to press down to use, which can be slightly painful on delicate eyes.
I would say though that I liked using the brown pencil on my lower eyelid to add extra definition for a natural look. It worked really well in this manner!

They’re both relatively easy to take off with a good oil cleanser.

And that was it for my April Box! I’m looking forward to what May is going to bring.


  1. Which do you like better? the etude house fix and fix primer or the any cushion color corrector? If i were to choose to wear it alone do you think both products would leave too much of a white cast? Thanks!

  2. It really looks like the black super slim eyeliner was great. I got the black one and that was a total disaster:-)

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