[Pink Bird] – Etude House May Unboxing

Etude House Pink Bird May Unboxing

After a break from blogging to get my mojo back, I bring you my May Etude House Pink Bird Box. And fittingly this is also one of my favourite things to have received this year. So starting the second half of the blogging year on a high!
The theme of my penultimate box is pink! Which is also the Colour of the Year by Pantone. I love the colour pink so I was very excited by the products inside.

Dear my Glass Tinting Lips Talk and Tote Bag

First was a selection of items from the Pink Play Concert that Etude House held in Korea!
The 2017 of the Year Lips – Talk in #PK003 or Romantic Frill for those like me who don’t know the #colours. I actually also got this in my previous box, though the case is new which is nice to see. I’ll be keeping this in my travel bag, to take for nights out.
I’ve found that these lip sticks/tints are very wet to put on, and I always blot otherwise it’ll transfer immediately to the first thing I drink/eat. This is quite a bright pink colour which really pops. I like it for when I’m going for a playful look, but it won’t suit all skin tones.

I also received this cute tote bag, “Pink of the Year Eco Bag”. Very handy to take to the shops to use instead of plastic bags.

Play Colour Eyes Cherryblossom Eyeshadow Palette

My first palette! The other pink birds and I have been discussing our wishes to get a palette, and Etude delivered! I love the cherryblossom motif in general, so was super happy to receive this in my box. Some of the other pink birds found their’s arrived broken, fortunately mine was whole. But this is something to keep in mind if you order from overseas, and is something Etude House highlighted to us as well.

I liked the colours that were in the palette, I thought that they were versatile. I did find that they were slightly chalky though and applied quite sheer. Fine for those who are looking for a lighter look, but not the same pigmentation I get from other brands. I do like using these when I want a shimmery lighter look. The colours did stay during the work day and there wasn’t much fall out. It is a palette I personally will continue to use, as  I prefer a lighter look during the day.Sadly my swatching skills are rather subpar, so no swatches from me. My other pink birds though have some beautiful swatch pics, so do check them out!

Tint My 4 Tip Brow in Grey Brown

Etude House have released these new Eyebrow tinting products, and sent them to us in the box. I was concerned with the colour at first, as it was a random one sent, but it worked for me. However what they didn’t take into account is that I have very bushy eyebrows! On the level of Emilia Clarke and Carla Delevingne. So these felt tip type of brow products don’t tend to work for me. And as I suspected it was the case.

It had a nice pigmentation on my arm, and is a solid case. It did help with shaping and defining the edges in a subtle way. For those with lighter/sparser eyebrows I’d definitely recommend trying this product out. But for those on the bushier side like me, it’s probably not worth it.

Monster Micellar Cleansing Water

Cleansing waters are one of my favourite go to products when I’m feeling lazy. They’re great for travelling with, are easy to use and you can do it in bed! Very important for the days when I’m exhausted or come home late. I was surprised by the monster image on the bottle, as for me Etude House has a more princess image. But I do find him endearing.

This was effective at removing my failed swatch attempts of the Cherry Blossom Palette, the Eyebrow Tint and Lip Stick. I field tested it for a week as well and was satisfied that it was doing a decent job. It wasn’t as effective on my mascara or the tint, but I use a special eye make up remover for that in any case, as I use a waterproof mascara. It did however leave a slight film on my skin, so I wasn’t comfortable not cleansing again. So this is definitely more of a first cleanser, rather than a standalone one.  

This was a great box and I think it is my favourite so far due to the variety of the items inside. I also received as a bonus item the famous cat hairband! Which you can expect to see appear on my Instagram very soon. The cleansing water was a surprise win for me, and I’m keeping this in my travel kit as it’s such a convenient size to take overnight or to the gym with me. I also loved the colours included in the Cherry Blossom Palette, though it is not as pigmented as my Two Faced Peach Palette which has similar colours.

Overall though I was impressed! Hoping the last box keeps up the momentum.


  1. This looks so much fun, I really like the lipstick color. I love receiving beauty boxes.

  2. Great box!! I love the lip tint. The color is amazing

  3. I love boxes and the thrill of a surprise from them. I’d love to try that brow pen, I’m all about the brows!

  4. You have received some fabulous products and I would love an in-depth review of Monster Micellar Cleansing Water 🙂

  5. Eye shadow palette looked awesome..rather all products looked fab in itself! Though I’m not a makeup person, but loved the pink tinge & packagings!

  6. This palette looks amazing, but I feel like this tint brown is a good option for me – I think I’m the worst if it comes to eyebrows, they are always look too dark and this tint looks like you can’t do anything wrong with this product.

  7. Everything looks fabulous. I really like that palette–such gorgeous colors!

  8. The products sounds fabulous. I love the idea of pink color though I love to look natural most of the time.

  9. Wow, I am in love with all the products. Thank you for sharing!
    Can you please tell they do International shipping as well?

  10. Blair villanueva

    They are all kawaii! I like to try their lipstick, my weakness 🙂

  11. The Cleansing water for me please !I would love to know your opinion after a more prolonged use .

  12. You’ve got to love Korean products always on point, I am loving the palette it has some lovely colours

  13. I like the lipstick shade and Tip Brow looks great! Though I have never used it before!

  14. I love this box. It has so many great products. The colors are fabulous.

  15. whole i am not a huge huge make up person, these are all great colors, i like more natural colors for myself, but i so admire and adore when people rock all these awesome new looks.

  16. The eye shadow palette looks amazing.. The colours are great, I might buy it in the future. The tote bag looks cute too though. I’m a sucker for pink colour things aaaaaaa.

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