Having Fun and Relaxing with Asian Beauty – 6 Top Tips

Top 6 Tips for Relaxing with Asian Beauty

Stress is now an unfortunate part of my adult life. I work long hours in an office under high pressure and there are more “adult” responsibilities to manage. I also recently suffered two loses in my family, both under stressful circumstances. Which is why I’ve also been a bit less active here and on my instagram.
It can sometimes all feel too much, and overwhelming at times. And getting more involved in my hobbies has been one of my methods of staying on top of things mentally. What some people won’t realise is that Beauty & Skincare isn’t just for making you look good, but for also making you feel good about yourself.

My skincare routine is one of my favourite ways of dealing with stress and has the added bonus of improving my skin condition! It’s 10-15 minutes in the day that I pamper myself and have control over. I may not have perfect skin, but being able to see the improvements is a great small win when I look in the mirror.
As hyperbolic as it sounds, on some days just being able to complete a skincare routine felt like a win. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

There are other ways I incorporate Asian Beauty into my life as my aid to stay on top, when all seems to be crashing down.

1. AB in the Bath

Bath’s are a well known answer to the stress of life, level it up with Asian Beauty!
My standards for a great relaxing bath are a lush bath bomb, some candles and of course mood music. I also like to incorporate some of my beauty products into my bath routine. I usually apply an exfoliator such as one from the Skinfood line, while I’m running the bath. I will then gently exfoliate this off while in the bath and I follow this up with a sheetmask, to hydrate and nourish my skin while I lie back in the hot water. Or another great combination is a clay mask while running the bath, and then applying a hydrating mask such as the Make P:rem Mask. I seriously love my spa days, and try to do it at least once a week. 

Some of my many bath routines

It’s hard to explain how relaxed you can feel while in a lush bath sheetmasking. Try it yourself and leave me a comment on how you find the experience. Though the danger here is that I can be in the bath for up to an hour before I even realise it! 

2. Share Ridiculous Selfies

Humans are social creatures and there’s nothing better than a group of close friends to support you when you’re feeling down. But you don’t always need a DMC (deep meaningful conversation) every night to help friends or yourself relieve stress. This is one of the more ridiculous, but fun ways I communicate with my friends that instantly lightens my mood. And I hope also brightens up their day as well!
What I love about this is it’s something silly, instant, and I can really let loose my ridiculous side. And with AB masks in abundance I don’t even need to use the filters, though they add an extra dimension of amusement to the pic.
I’m using the well known Elizavecca Bubbling Clay Mask in this snap, reviewed here. 

3. Organise the Stash

Cleaning can be therapeutic, though it can also feel like hard work. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best at tidying. But there are many benefits to doing so.
There’s something satisfying in cleaning something up and organising things. It’s something you have control over and can instantly see the results. Instant gratification! 
 You might even discover long forgotten products in the back of your cupboard. Which is always an exciting moment for me. Probably a money saver too as I can finally figure out how many moisturisers I truly ownIt’s all too easy to build up a collection without even realising it. The regular de-stashing challenges on Instagram really help motivate me to do this. And you feel a part of the community taking part in the shared challenges.

It’s even a kind of exercise! (Might be stretching this a bit, pun intended 😛 ) But I do end up moving products from room to room, and box to box as I re-organise what should be in my am and pm routines.
Just having a clean environment does wonders for the mental state. It’s the same satisfied feeling I get when I’ve got new sheets on the bed, and I lie in them for the first time.

4. Pamper Yourself – Hair, Make Up and Nails

What person hasn’t been bored one time and decided to see what they would look like with a new hairstyle? When I have the energy I also match this with trying out new make up styles. Experimenting with bold colours and shimmers, which I could never wear during the day. I’m constantly painting my nails to match my mood for the day. (Sadly only on the weekends due to work). 

Going to beauty counters is also a great way of trying out looks, and learning new techniques. But sometimes you don’t feel like leaving the house, so youtube is a great alternative.

I might be vain, probably am, but it feels really good to look in the mirror and see the transformation. Especially on days when I feel down, there’s something intangible about dressing up and feeling special.

Me after a trip to the hairdressers

5. Curating Wishlists

The ultimate therapeutic retail experience! It’s actually amazing how many hours I can spend scrolling through different categories online, discovering new brands and products. My favourite part is creating a totally new routine from all new products. Or setting myself challenges such as budget limits or ingredient limitations. Of course I’m not made of money so rarely does this translate to actual purchases, but it’s fun nonetheless! 

I utilise pinterest boards to store all my ideas, and I love being able to go back to the boards in the future. They also help keep the product reviews I’ve found in one place. So that when I do have the budget for it I can look at my past curations and see which products are worth it. And not just the pretty packaging.
Try it yourself! I’ve typed out a few of my challenges below, see how you’d fare.
1)      Strawberry Sensation (Ingredient Spotlight on why Strawberries are great)
2)      Honey Love
3)      Princess Theme

6. Sheetmasking and Mindfulness

One of my absolute favourite thing to do in the evening is to relax and get a sheetmask on. When I’m not having a sheetmask bath I’ll do 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation while wearing a sheetmask. In our busy lives it can be hard to find time, so I’ve blocked out 10 minutes before I go to bed to completely relax my mind. Also helps me to sleep better

Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask

Finding out about mindfulness has been life changing for me, and has probably had good physiological effects as well. The definition I found is “Mindfulness meditation involves sitting silently and paying attention to thoughts, sounds, the sensations of breathing or parts of the body, bringing your attention back whenever the mind starts to wander”. It’s a perfect combination with a sheetmask to relax and wind down. But even for those of you who don’t like to sheetmask, this is a great and small thing you can do everyday to make a difference to your mental state.

7. Talk to Someone

Surprise bonus tip no. 7! This is not strictly AB, but the best thing I did for myself is to talk to others. It’s a cliche for a reason. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without my friends and families support. The number of hours my best friend has comforted on the sofa this year, or my previous flatmates consoled me while I sat on a Mr Toad (earning a lifelong association with mushrooms), is too many to count. And that’s not even scratching the surface of what my friends have done for me this year. I always fear that I’m being a burden, but not once have they made me feel that way. This is getting a bit mushy so I’ll leave it here, but I urge anyone who feels alone to reach out to someone. You’ll find a lot more than you might expect.

So these are just some of the fun and small ways that my skincare hobby has helped to de-stress in life. I hope these tips will also help the overwhelmed among you.

Further Reading

Below are a few resources out there to go to when you’re feeling stressed or depressed. Talk to others when life truly does feel overwhelming. It may feel small and silly, but there are people out there who understand and will listen.





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    Christie’s Take on Life.  xx

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