[Mask Mondays] – Skin1004 Zombie Pack Review

This is the second of the two masks that B2link sent to me for review! I love the name of this one, but being born on Halloween means I’m bias towards “horror”.  B2link is a beauty start up focusing on incubating young Korean beauty brands. Which means a lot of their brands aren’t the usual suspect, so new discoveries abound! You can see more of the brands they’re incubating here at their Amazon Storefront.

Skin1004 Zombie Pack Review

The brand name Skin1004 comes from the Korean pronunciation sounding like Angel and loving a good pun means this mask already started off on the right step with me!
As always the thoughts and words in this review are my own.

How to Use

This mask is similar to a modelling mask, in that you need to add a liquid to a powder to create a paste.

Using the activator inside the pack, you add one of the activator packets to one of the powder packets. I did this gradually so I could control the texture of the paste.
I then brushed the resultant paste onto my face, leaving a wide circle around my eyes. I’m super careful when it comes to applying products near my eyes as they’re sensitive.
I used this mask after cleansing and followed up with a hydrating toner.


Mask Scent and Feel

The paste had an odd scent to it. I didn’t particularly like this scent, but bore with it as it wasn’t overpowering. But it is an unpleasant scent similar to almond milk but not as nice.

As the mask dries it tightens, which gives a sensation similar to a clay mask drying but slightly tighter. I waited for about 12 minutes for the mask to fully tighten, by which stage it looked like I’d walked through a giant spider web! But that’s also because I laughed halfway through, the dangers of watching Friends while masking. As it dries you will see fine white lines appear in the mask and it gives your skin a glossy texture. As it’s quite a strong drying sensation it can test your patience in resisting the urge to move your face. I would say at the end when I moved my mouth it was painful as the mask cracked.

First on


5 Minutes

15 Minutes

 I had to wash my face with warm water to fully remove all the product.

Final Thoughts

As someone who suffers from acne and large pore appearance I had high hopes for this mask, potentially too high. It did slightly lessen the appearance of my pores, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the difference. I had to properly stare into the mirror to measure the difference. I also didn’t like the scent of this mask at all. It spoiled my experience of using it.
What I did like was the fun aspect of it drying and the creepy appearance after I used it. 
I’m pretty meh about this mask though to be honest. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it. It’s one I might do with my friends next time they’re over as it’s fun feeling the drying out effect and the final appearance.

Where to Buy

Amazon $29.95 for 16 – Purchase Here


  1. I really dig your honesty in regards to this mask. Personally, I like sheet masks but have been wanting to try a few of this style.

  2. I do like to try out new masks. It’s interesting that you mix it yourself. I have never seen that before.

  3. Thanks for your review. I appreciate your honesty and the information you have given. I am not a big user of facial masks. Probably because I’ve never found one I really love.

  4. I feel you, when it comes to beauty products that don’t smell good. It ruins the whole experience, especially if yo are using them as part of a ‘treat’ to relax after a long hard week

  5. I’d probably use it on Halloween or when Im trying to freak people out around me! :p Do share if you find any masks for acne prone skin.

  6. Blair villanueva

    I prefer unscented masks, because you neednto make it stay on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and doesn’t want to feel unscent with the scent. Sheet masks are my faves.

  7. I was looking for a new mask yesterday and I couldn`t find one. I have to give this one a try, it seems like a perfect fit for my skin.

  8. I did this mask today, and to me the smell is something akin to liquid latex mixed with an old rich woman’s perfume. It is very fun to do, though, and I’m personally not too bothered by the smell, though that’s probably because I work with varnish and chemicals near-daily.

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