[Lush] – Creative Showcase 2017

Lush Creative Showcase 2017

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good Lush bath, and I often share my Spa Saturday/Sunday posts on Instagram. So when I discovered the Creative Showcase was just a mere 20 minutes from where I live, I had to go. So taking a random Tuesday off work, and while recovering from food poisoning I made my way to Old Billingsgate for 9 hours of Lush!

The tickets cost £25, which you do make back in the products as you’ll see later. What was great about this was that it meant it wasn’t as crowded in the hall. I found the longest I had to wait in queue was 10 minutes. And it was not claustrophobic at the event itself. 

The sales people were just as informative as they are in store, but without the ulterior motive of selling you something. Which I found made me relax a lot more and be able to listen to them without feeling pressured to buy something. Every single sales person I spoke to was helpful, friendly and engaging. They had sales people all the way from Chile, Japan and the Netherlands to name a few! I found that at least half the visitors were related to Lush in someway. Either from one of the stores or the factory, which was interesting. I also found that I’m super glittery after spending 9 hours in the hall.

There were 4 floors of lushness to go through, and I barely felt the time pass by. I had only planned to be there till lunch, but 9 hours later everyone was packing up and I realised it was home time

This is a very image heavy post, so fair warning! You can see all the pics I took here, Imgur.

I’ve split this post into three. First I’ll talk about the different hands on demonstration areas, where you were able to make your own lush products. Second I’ll speak of the consultations and attractions at the event. And finally some close ups of the products on display and my own haul! My haul is 2/3 my own creations so they’re a little rough, but much love went into creating them.

Demonstrations and Own Creations

Starting off with the various demonstrations in the hall. Every hour on the hour the hands on demonstrations at each stand changed. Some of the creations were more hands on than others. The 6 stands were; Skincare, Soaps, Shower, Bubble Bars, Bath and Haircare. They had written out on the chalkboards when each one was. The bath products were the quickest to make, so if you wanted to visit more than one in the hour I’d definitely suggest going to Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs first, then making your way to the others. I also thought the Bubble Bars and the Bath Bombs were the most popular demonstrative stands. They ran out of Bubble Spinners within 30 minutes, this was the most popular creation of the day.

The Bubble Bars and the Bath/Jelly Bombs I found the most fun as you could really dive in to put together the bomb/bar yourself. From mixing it to molding it. As they take 24 hours to set we got to keep the mold and take them home with us. I even managed to persuade one of the Lush demonstrators to let me put a Secret Arts insert into my Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb the second time round.

My Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar 



My Ectoplasm Jellybomb


The jelly masks, soaps and solid shower gels were more watching the Lush staff create them in front of you. Understandably, given they’re creating the mixtures in front of you. They did an excellent job of explaining what ingredients and why were going in. Do not point out that a solid gel is a soap, or at least oxymoronic in naming. They were not happy when I did so! I’ve still not got a satisfactory answer as to the difference between a solid gel and a soap. The corporate answer is that the solid gel uses all the same ingredients as a liquid gel, but with an added binding agent. The solid gels do lather up more I found, were less drying and more intense in scent. I do still prefer the bottled gels though, as the solids will melt with water contact. And I just find liquids easier to use in the shower with my italy towel to scrub my back. 

Thunder Cloud AKA Soap Candy Floss


Making Jelly Masks

The naked solid gels took a while to set, I was there at the end of the day just in time to watch all the Buck Fizzes go, but fortunately picked up a Berry Berry Christmas. The little black top is made from wax, and is purely decorative in nature. I rebelled and didn’t put one on mine as I wanted to make it home. 

Consultations and Entertainment

As with all Lush stores you could ask any of the sales people by the products questions, and get some solid answers from them. There were three main areas though which were consultations. Hair, Perfume and Masks. In the mask area you were able to get a relaxing massage, and consultation in the greenhouse! Though I did mine by the Jelly Masks themselves, and had a lot of fun trying out all the products.

The perfume area was one of my favourites, as I don’t often stop to smell the perfumes within Lush. The little rocks were ingenious as they let you smell the perfumes once they’d dried after a while. And you could spray them fresh onto yourself to get the full picture. There were white labels, the mainline perfumes, and the black labels which are certain stores and Kitchen exclusive. The black labels included old classics like Battle Tank which was a strange bubble gum scent which turned into a metal tang. The salespeople were lovely and very engaging. After a consultation with one I got a little perfume wash card, Sun. They only had 5 scents in stock which was a shame as I loved Devil’s Nightcap, but one is better than none!

Both of these were drop by ones, the hair consultation you had to make an appointment for. I was very glad I came early, as I booked my hair consultation at 9:30am for 12. And when I arrived at 12, all the appointments for the rest of the day were booked up. So if it’s there next year I recommend heading straight there so you can book an appointment in. I got a hot oil treatment, shampoo and condition as part of my hour consultation. They were also giving away as samples full hot oil treatment sticks. I picked up Yuge, which I helped make, New and Marilyn. They used Marilyn in my hair, and this was the best part of the day for me. I love having my hair played with, so this was an hour of bliss. Everyone was super friendly and complimentary, so my ego was very much boosted today. While I was waiting for one of the basins to be free I got an arm massage with Sleepy.

Getting my Consultation

Throughout the day they had “Lush Players” strolling around. Which included Santa and his Elves, the Hedgewitch, Snow Fairies, and the “Fakey Nakeys” ladies/man who sang about 4 times that day and they were great. They also had Man in the Moon who had a guitar and was serenading people. This was a fun element to the day, and I enjoyed seeing the Lush products come to life. 

There was also the giant slides, a water wheel and downstairs a chill out zone with a live band. What I loved, and kept going back for more of was the coffee with many milks (Oat, Soy, Almond and Cow) on offer and the GF snacks. I survived the day on the brownies and popcorn they were giving out.

Products and My Haul

Upstairs was the Christmas/Halloween Shop where you could buy the products from the upcoming Halloween and Christmas Season. These are being released on the same day and are already available online and in stores. I was super pleased to hear that the little blackberry cat bubble bar is being released on it’s own. Though at the store it was only available in the gift wrap.
The most popular product appeared to be the new Twilight Massage Bar/Dusting Powder duo, this was sold out at 4pm. I managed to pick one up earlier in the day. Although still concerned by the slight purple lustre I get, and the fact the dust is contained in the massage bar. I’m tempted to empty mine out so that I don’t accidentally create a hole when massaging and let all the dust free.

The Swag Shop was interesting, although I didn’t pick much up here. I only bought a few of the patches and the Lush Canvas bag. I loved the “This Pussy Grabs Back” patch, and this was apparently the most popular item in the swag shop. I really had to dig through the patches to find one. 

My Three Favourites of the New Releases. Once Upon A Time = So White Scent, Twilight Dazzle Massage Bar, Golden Pear Soap.

Below is my “Creation” and Sample Haul, followed by a picture of my full haul.

I had an amazing time at the Showcase and I’m definitely going to be heading back there again next year. It was so much fun and I loved being able to experience all the Lushness without any of the pressure. It was also great being able to get hands on and try creating my own products. Still amazed they can create 400 Jelly Bombs in one day! Took me a while to get just the one done.

Altogether one of my favourite experiences this year. Would highly recommend to anyone!


  1. Wow that sounds like an event I would love. I love the ball that looks like a ghost! I would enjoy a consultation as well.

  2. Holy LUSH I’m so jealous! I’m such a huge fan of LUSH! I wish they did something like this over here – I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled aha. Looks like it was an amazing event. Making your own products would have been so fun and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Your goodies are all amazing too. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  3. This is so dope. I would love to experience something like this. I bet it smells so yummy in there.

  4. I would have loved to have attended this! I watch LUSH YouTube videos constantly and adore checking out what goes into each product. Fun!

  5. Wow this sounds like a Lush-lover’s dream! It looks like you got a really great haul of products to take home.

  6. The consultation looks and sounds absolutely amazing. I am yet to try Lush products but would definitely love to try these.

  7. Omg this is like a dream! I def want to make it there next year. I can’t get all the lushness!

  8. I first came across the Lush stores in London many years ago, it was such a novelty! Making your own bath bombs looks so cool, I would love to try it!

  9. These jelly bombs and bubble bars look awesome. This event and consultation seems great, shall look out for some lush products soon now!

  10. 400 jelly bombs in one day oh my! That looked like a fantastic day that probably smelled amazing. I have been using lush products for 8 years now and love them. So cool can’t wait for the new stuff to get in!

  11. Ooo, I want a lush product, especially their bath bombs. I have only heard about how good they are and I haven’t tried them yet.

  12. That looks like so much fun! I love the hands on stations, what a cool experience!

  13. This is so awesome and cool. I would love to experience something like this. I bet it smells real good 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  14. I would love to participate to an event like this one. I am obsessed with products like this ones and it would be so entertaining to see how they make them.

  15. I am impressed by all of the different soaps and bath products that they have here. I loved all of the pictures of them making them and how they are designed. Just so cool.

  16. Wow this is definitely an amazing experinece. Making your own bath bomb makes it more special to use 🙂
    Lucky you babe!

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