[Unboxing] – Kirei Station Getsu December Box 2017

I do love my subscription boxes, and with Christmas around the corner they’re a great gift to give for those interested in finding new brands or expanding their own collections. It’s like a present to myself every month!
So when Kirei Station got in touch asking if I’d like to review their December Box I jumped at the chance.

Kirei Station is a Japan based store, with a monthly subscription box called “Getsu Box”. They promise at least 2 full sized items along with samples, a mask and a limited edition snack. Not going to lie, that limited edition snack part made me excited!
Kirei Station also has a lot of Japanese products, which I do find hard to source usually, so I would recommend it if you’re looking for Japanese Beauty Brands. My Code CODE-01 will give you 10% off purchases.

Enough of my rambling, onto the important details and the December Box!

Kirei Station December Getsu Box Unboxing

Kirei Station


As with most subscription boxes there are multiple plans to choose from. There are also multiple shipping options, including a free one, which I was delighted to see. As for someone in the UK shipping can sometimes be the same cost as the box itself.

Discount Code: CODE-01 (10% off).
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Cost of the Box

  • 1 Box = $30
  • 3 Months = $85.50 = $28.50 per box
  • 6 Months = $162 = $27 per box
  • 12 Months = $306 = $25.50 per box

Shipping Options

  • EMS – Expensive but fast shipping. For UK was $22
  • SAL – Free when you buy 2 or more items
  • Registered Air Mail – $4.50. Limited to certain regions.

Inside the Box

Now onto the box!
The first thing I’d note is that I had difficulty finding these products at other retailers. Which means that each product is more expensive than if I had bought it in Japan. But that’s part of the appeal of the Kirei Station Getsu box, sourcing Japanese products which it’s hard to find outside Asia.

The box was really well packaged, including protection and the value was marked down. Important for those of us with expensive custom fees to deal with. Above is the contents page. I’m happy that they included a contents page, but you can tell that English is not the first language. It’s also only got limited information on the card itself. This is an area that could be improved.

Utena Puresa Damask Rose Sheetmask

Every Asian Beauty box I know includes a sheetmask, and Kirei Station is no different. I’ve not tried this brand before, and fortunately like rose, so interested to see how this performs. It’s a Japanese brand as well which is harder for me to usually source.

Charley zzz – Holiday and Bright Bath Powder

Now this is a product I wouldn’t expect in a beauty box, and yet am really happy to see! I love my baths, and have them weekly. Bath Salts are very popular in Japan as well, and there are many brands to choose from. This is Charley-ZZZ which is made in Japan. I’m really loving the festive packaging, I wish I was creative enough to repurpose it as a Christmas card. My basic Japanese translates this as a fresh fruits scent. My nose tells me it’s a spicy fruity scent, and given the salts are pink I think my bath water will turn red. Looking forward to using this product!

Suntory Milcolla Powder – Collagen Powder Drink

There were 2 packets of the Suntory Milcolla Powder also included. These are similar to protein powders, except with collagen. I personally have my doubts on these type of beauty powder drinks, but they are popular. Having 2 packets at least means I can try and see if there’s small benefits for me.

Meiji Meltykiss Premium Chocolate

This was the limited edition snack item included, and I literally squeeled when I saw it. I love Meiji Meltykiss, they taste sublime. They’re not overly sweet, have a rich chocolate taste to it and I find it impossible to find outside of Japan. Well for a reasonable price at least.

Canmake Powder Cheeks Blusher

This was the beauty item included in the box. I like Canmake, I find them affordable and well pigmented. I also was happy with these dark plum pink (PW38) colour that was included as it’s not one I currently have in my collection. I think it’s a good colour for this winter season. I also do like the flower princess aesthetic that Canmake has.

I love it Secret Wood Hair Mist

Now this was a surprise item for me, as beauty boxes don’t usually think of hair products. And as they’re quite heavy I don’t usually purchase Asian hair products, as the shipping can get insane. This is a brand I’ve not heard of, though some initial research shows it’s quite well known in Asia. This is by Kose a big Japanese Beauty Brand. It’s silicone free and promises shiny hair. I’ll be incorporating into my post shower routine, so will see if this helps battle the winter dryness my hair can suffer.

Shiseido Senka Limited Set – Watery Oil and Perfect Whip

This is the second full size product (ignoring the snacks) in the box, and the star product I believe. The Shiseido Senka line is pretty well known, and reliable. I’ve reviewed the Perfect Whip in full before, read here, and find it’s too high a pH for my face. But it’s the perfect shaving foam. The Perfect Watery Oil I’ve only tried a few times at my cousin’s house. I did find it was effective as a make up remover. I’m probably going to find a lot of use for this this party season, as my eye make up does tend to the heavier side for parties.

Overall Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised by this box, and think it’s one of the better boxes out there in terms of variety. There was make up, skincare, hair care, self care and chocolate all included in this box. I loved that there were multiple brands to try from as well. I’ll be honest the chocolate was the item that had me the most excited, though the bath salts was a close second. Which is amusing as they’re on the lower end of the cost scale.
Now onto the breakdown of the box in terms of value. As I’ve already said, I found it hard to actually source many of these at what I thought was a reasonable price. You can definitely buy these for cheaper in Japan, but I’ve linked to where I would be able to purchase. As for me part of the value of the box is that it is Japanese products I’d find it hard to get hold of. I actually could only find three products.

For the rest these are my estimates based on other products I’ve found, Sheetmask (£1), Bath Powder (£1.80), Mist (£8), Collagen Powder (£1).

So overall the products definitely, for someone in the UK, exceeded the cost of the box. If you’re based in Japan it would probably be cheaper to put the products of the box together yourself. I really liked the variety of the items included, I think this helps to reduce the hit/miss risk that subscription boxes can have.
My points for improvement would definitely be the contents card. I’d have also liked to see more festive related items, beyond the chocolate and the bath salts.
Overall though I would recommend this box for those looking to explore more into Japanese brands. It had the variety of products, brands and the value. And I love that the shipping isn’t a hidden extra cost!

I really liked the variety of the items included, I think this helps to reduce the hit/miss risk that subscription boxes can have.

Purchase here: Kirei Station Getsu Box
Discount Code: CODE-01


  1. Now that’s a pretty great subscription box! Usually, from what I’ve heard, those boxes just come with sample sizes, so I’m excited that they send a full size product or two! And the snack? Yeah that would be my motivation too LOL!

  2. This box is a great gift idea. I think the one thing I saw that I’d like to try is the watery oil. Sounds nice!

  3. I’ve never heard of this subscription box until now. They sent you some amazing products!

  4. Oh my goodness! I have never tried a subscription box before but this one is awesome. Perfect for someone with a connection to Japan or just loves great Japanese buys.

  5. It’s perfect gift I’ve seen for Christmas. I’d love to try Shisesido. I used to try to purchase online this product but I couldn’t find it. Great you mentioned where to buy. 👌

  6. This gift box sounds amazing for a Christmas gift. I will be searching for Kirei Station for more. Thanks for sharing

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