[Meet Up] – Winter 2018

Winter is here, and so is the new first London AB Meet Up of 2018!

Don’t worry if you’ve not been to a meet up before. Or if you’re a complete newbie when it comes to Asian Beauty. Everyone is welcome at the event, and we’re a friendly bunch.
Read about some of the past meet ups here: http://mapletreeblog.com/category/meet-up/

Below are the fine details you’ll want to note down.



Asian Beauty London Meet Up Winter 2018

Date: Sign Ups Closed

Place: Sign Ups Closed

Other Details

Charity Raffle – There is a charity raffle to raise money for Refuge, who help victims of domestic violence. You can find out more on my blog post here: . Or donate straight away at the Just Giving Page.

Mystery Bag Swap – Not Mandatory! Only for those who wish to be involved. You just need to bring your mystery bag with you to be involved. Minimum mystery items in the bag – 2 sheet masks and 5 samples.

Beauty Panel – We have a selection of AB curators who will be speaking on a panel. More details will be released via the FB Event, and the email group. So do keep an eye on that!

De-Stashing – You can use the FB Event page to let others know what you’re offering to destash! FB Event, connect with others interested in the event there. But the sign up is through the google form.

Sign Up – You can sign up via this link: Google Form. If you don’t sign up I can’t guarantee you a goodie bag and potentially entry at the event as there is a cap on numbers. So please sign up as soon as you can. Deadline to sign up is the 15th January, so plenty of time to get your plans in place!


We’ve been incredibly lucky to currently have brands volunteer to sponsor the event in some shape or form.
This includes the generous gifts towards the goodie bag which will be given out on the day. Below are some details of those sponsors.

Be Mused Korea 

Be Mused Korea, who I’ve separately reviewed as a store here, not only are donating a prize to the Charity Raffle, but also to the goodie bag.Be Mused are based in the heart of Korea, Seoul, and stock amazing brands such as A. By Bom and Earth’s Recipe. They offer fully translated ingredient lists, and are very responsive if you have any questions.

Beauty And Seoul

Maree, founder of Beauty & Seoul, has been very generous in donating a prize to the Charity Raffle, the goodie bag and will be one of the speakers on the panel! She tests and tries all the products that are available on Beauty & Seoul, and her vlogs are a great watch on a cold winter day. Her blogs are just as good, and really lets you know the person behind the brand.

Buttermilk Skincare

Jenna is the founder of Buttermilk Skincare and an amazing person to speak to! She’s very responsive to questions you may have. Jenna’s mission is simple – curate the best skincare products from Asia so you can have the best skin possible. We’ve tested and verified each product ourselves to provide you with a great selection of beauty products from the East to the UK

Asian Beauty Plus

Asian Beauty Plus is a leading cosmetic retail group in the UK. They are kindly donating a gift box of Asian Beauty goodies to the raffle and also some goodies for the gift bag!
They aim to bring a variety of Asian beauty products into the UK market. Their goal is to spread the word of Asian beauty products to the whole of UK, by offering a one stop Asian beauty shop with quality products.

Han Nari

Han Nari is a French brand inspired by Korean Beauty. Agnes the founder is half Korean and half French and Han Nari is a reflection of her two cultures combined! She’s not only donating to the charity raffle, but also some samples for the goodie bag at the Meet Up.

Skin Library

Now this brand is so new the website has yet to launch yet! They are looking for feedback on what you’d like to see, so if you have time to fill in their survey it would be appreciated! There’s a chance to win a box of great sheetmasks if you fill out the form: Survey. They’ll also be donating some goodies to the gift bag as well.

Urang Natural

Urang is a brand which is rising in prominence in the AB Community. They have some great natural products, their usp is to be natural with their products. They will be donating some goodies to the gift bag as well!

Sign Up

Sign Up –  As a reminder,  sign up via this link: Google Form! If you don’t sign up I can’t guarantee you a goodie bag and potentially entry at the event as there is a cap on numbers. So please sign up as soon as you can.

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